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Yetwree And The The Demolition Of Due Process To Save The Children

by | 8th, July 2014


THE hunt is on for peados. Police, tabloids, broadsheets, Left wingers, Right wingers and MPs are hunting for child molestors. It might be a national obsession. But what are the facts? The Sun today delivers a report full of nods and winks.

SCOTLAND Yard pulled the plug on a secret surveillance operation into a VIP paedophile ring allegedly involving MPs and top judges. The year-long probe started in 1983 but was abruptly halted — with officers told: “Forget about it.”

Alleged, yes.

A member of the team said they knew they had “unearthed a minefield” leading to the heart of the establishment. He said: “We were specifically told we had stumbled across senior judiciary members and MPs who were linked to suspects under surveillance. But we must have touched a raw nerve and the plug was pulled on us out of the blue.”

But he mentions no evidence he saw of wrongdoing.  They just “knew”. He jumps to a conclusion. Who needs evidence?

“It was a very intense operation. Officers were on it day and night and also worked weekends tailing suspects…

“A main target was identified in Forest Gate. This was done by running checks on car index numbers and people at various addresses. There were three other teams like ours across London at the time. We were told the order to stop had come from high levels at the Met. We were livid because so much work had been put into it.”

All we can deduce from that is that crimes against children were taken seriously back then. They were not brushed under the carpet.

Allegations of sexual abuse by Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris, Stewart Hall or anyone – you don’t just need to be famous to qualify for a YewTree police probe – should be investigated. People were abused and let down by the State.

Three old men – one dead – have been exposed and castigated for their depravity. Huge resources are bing employed into the hint for historic sex abuse. But why not look for Charlene Downes with equal diligence? Why not seek out the enablers and gang bangers who abused underage girls in Rochdale and Oxford? Was it all back then? Are we all now morally ok?

And what about the investigation codenamed YewTree? NHS Hostpital have been trawling memories for traces of Jimmy Savile. Many alleged vitims have come forward to say this revolting man attacked them. But can all claims be believed? He’s dead. There will be no trial. This is just one example of many:

Ivestigation into allegations related to Jimmy Saville and Prestwich Psychiatric Hospital – A report for Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust April 2014

It notes:

The Board of the Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust has commissioned this investigation into information provided by the Metropolitan Police Service via the Department of Health which sets out allegations that Jimmy Savile sexually abused a member of the public on the Prestwich Psychiatric Hospital site in or around 1960…

Greater Manchester West has appointed DAC Beachcroft LLP to provide legal advice and support to the investigation team.

The Allegation:

On the 28th November 2013 the Trust received correspondence from the DH into matters  relating to Jimmy Savile. The correspondence stated that the MPS had disclosed further information to the DH that related to Savile and Prestwich Psychiatric Hospital. As Prestwich Psychiatric Hospital is the responsibility of the Trust, it was the responsibility of the Trust Board to investigate any matters arising out of the information as appropriate.

The information provided related to an allegation from a member of the public, Ms C, and did not refer to any patient related issues or concerns. The allegation referred specifically to a period in or around 1960 when the complainant alleges that she was brought onto the Prestwich Hospital site and sexually abused by Savile. The investigation team have concluded that this was prior to Savile’s notoriety as a celebrity. The Trust Board, therefore, commissioned an investigation into these matters and agreed the terms of reference at its’  Trust Board meeting on 16th December 2013.

The investigation team approached Ms C to see if she would be willing to meet to talk about the allegations. Although initial contact was made with her and pursued, the Trust has been unable to meet with her and has therefore relied on the statements she has already provided… Two former employees were identified who provided statements in relation to the historic operational workings of the Prestwich Hospital and a detailed document search was also undertaken. Although there are no witnesses who can verify or refute the account of Ms C it is the  considered view of the investigation team that the alleged incidents are likely to have occurred…


The witness statement provided to the MPS alleges that she was brought to the Prestwich Psychiatric Hospital site when she was about seven or eight years old by Savile along with another unidentified male. The visit was used as a threat to her in so far as if she disclosed  the abuse she was being subjected to she would be brought back to the hospital and locked away with the patients. The telephone contact pro-forma contains a separate allegation that  Savile brought her onto the Prestwich Psychiatric Hospital site and she was taken to an empty ward and subsequently sexually abused by Savile and an unidentified male. Ms C clarifies in the statement that she does not remember there being any staff on the ward…

The MPS summary of a call with Ms C on 8 November 2013 records that: “……between ages of 8 and 10 she was taken to Prestwich Psychiatric Hospital, probably a couple of  times. The first time Savile took her there in his car with another man ([she] did not know him) and her dad was not with her. She knew it was Prestwich Hospital as it was where she lived, it was a massive place. Stated Savile took her to a room at the back of the hospital, it smelt horrible, there was excrement everywhere, there were men walking in it, some were naked, they were patients and absolutely out of it…..” and “…on another occasion she was taken again to Prestwich Psychiatric Hospital by Savile, he took her to an empty ward with beds….there was no-one else around on the ward, does not remember there being any  staff….”

The Investigation:

The information provided to the Trust by the DH consisted of a signed statement provided by Ms C to the MPS on 17th October 2012 and a telephone contact pro-forma documenting a
telephone conversation with them on 8th November 2013. These statements allege that Savile brought her onto the Prestwich Psychiatric Hospital site on two occasions in or around 1960 and on one of these occasions he sexually abused her. The investigation, therefore, centred on following up this witness statement with Ms C, clarifying whether any further witness statements were required from any other relevant individuals and sourcing any documents from around the period in question to support the analysis and the findings of fact.

We learn:

There were no empty wards at Prestwich Hospital at this time. Ms C’s memory of it being “a massive place” is consistent with what we know about the size of the hospital at the time. It is unlikely that patients would have been walking around naked in the main ward area but there were communal bathrooms on the male wards where patients could have been naked, and there were occasions when patients were incontinent of faeces and needed to be cleaned. Thus her description of there being excrement everywhere and men, some of whom were naked, walking in it would be consistent with what could have been happening on one of the wards at a particular moment in time.

So. One person’s recollection of horrific abuse. No record that Savile has ever visited the hostpital. No face-to-face interview with police. Yet the report states twice:

…there is nothing in Ms C’s statements that would cause us to question the veracity of her account of what happened.

So. It happened.

Anyone else uncomfortable with that conclusion?

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