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Now Berkeley Offers Free Cannabis To The Poor

by | 11th, July 2014

YOU may have heard about the slow legalisation of cannabis in certain US states. First came medical marijuana, treatments for things like the nausea produced by chemotherapy, to reduce certain eye conditions and so on. Sadly, just desiring to get a buzz isn’t worthy of such medical treatment.

Then, in the face of deep opposition from the Feds, came a couple of States (Colorado and Washington) that have simply legal cannabis for all on sale.

Of course, someone was always going to go further and wouldn’t you know it that it’s the ultimate liberal gulag, Berkeley in California, that has done it. Now there’s free pot for the poor:

Dispensaries will have to give away free cannabis to very low-income folks, per the new regulations. The amount of free cannabis must equal 2 percent of a dispensary’s gross weight sold. The council specified Tuesday evening that first in line for the free pot would be Berkeley residents and collective members.

This isn’t quite as mad as it sounds. It’s not that you can just shuffle up as a homeless person and get a joint to while away the afternoon with. California only has medical marijuana as yet and that means that your doctor as to prescribe it to you. Then you’ve got to join the collective than hands it out. And then, only then, if you’re poor, do they have to give you some.

One thing they seem to have missed though. This will now make dope 2% more expensive for everyone who is not poor. For by definition these dispensaries must be non-profit. So that 2% being given away for free must be paid for by charging everyone else more money. There’s nowhere else for the cash to come from.

Still, free doobies for the poor eh? Wonder how long it will be before you can use food stamps?

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