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Arsenal Balls: Adrian Durham Is Shouting At Pigeons

by | 19th, July 2014

THE Daily Mail’s Adrian Durham continues his routine attack on Arsenal with a tour de force. Ignoring facts – many of which are stated in his own paper – Durham focuses on three Arsenal players involved for Germany in the World Cup final. Rumours that Durham rehearses his columns by sitting in the shopping   precinct and shouting them at pigeons cannot be ruled out.

This week’s highlights are:

The FA Cup gave the fans a great day out, but seeing Arsenal players win the World Cup is a reality check for Gooners who are letting Wenger get away with it.

After waiting all this time they should demand more. And in fairness to Gooners they do want more. In fact they are so desperate for more, they have hijacked Germany’s World Cup success as some sort of trophy for Arsenal.

They have? No. They haven’t. But Durham’s balls does appear alongside the Daily Mail story:

Arsenal are World Cup kings! Gunners boast more winners than any other English team

You can also read the Mail’s story that Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil was awarded a Daily Mail 8/10 for his World Cup Final performance, making him the game’s joint best player.

We’re also told that the key to an unbeaten Germany’s success was in them dropping Arsenal’s Per Mertesacker to the bench. But the best is what he has to say about Lukas Podolski:

And Lukas Podolski is Arsenal’s version of John Terry. He put the kit on for the celebrations and wouldn’t let go of the World Cup.

That would be the same Lukas Podolski was was on the subs bench for the Final?  The same John Terry who was suspended for Chelsea’s Champions’ League Final who put on his full kit to hold the cup?

But Durham isn’t quite finished. He wants to get club fans talking. So. He talks up Chelsea:

The reality is that a Chelsea player, Andre Schurrle, was more influential for Germany than the three Gooners combined. Yet I don’t hear Chelsea fans trying to claim they won the World Cup.

The Mail awarded Schurrle 7/10 for his Final performance – one point less than Ozil.

And having rubbished the trio of World Cup winning German Gunners, Durham concludes:

Having World Cup winners in the dressing room will lend true perspective on Wenger’s last 10 seasons without a title, and his whole career without any European success.

Those would be the three World Cup winners who were all rubbish?

Next week, Durham explains why Arsene Wenger’s failure to spot Jack Wilsehere smoking makes a mockery of Arsenal fans’ claims their manager has discovered a cure for cancer…

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