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Ebola Spread By Tabloid Terror

by | 10th, August 2014

DO British Airport workers read the Daily Mirror? We ask becsue today the Star leads with news of a strike over Ebola fears:
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The story goes that baord staff are “Terrified”:

An insider told the Daily Star Sunday: “There is panic. It takes one person to come into this country with Ebola and all hell will break loose. Workers are being told to look for passengers who ­appear unwell and to raise the alarm immediately. But given how dangerous it seems to be, that doesn’t seem enough.

“People are scared and you can’t blame them. Many aren’t confident we are going to be kept safe and this has led to strike talk among some staff.”

Of course, that one person has alrady arrived. As the Mirror told us of ebola “Terror as Passenger Dies At Gartwick”:


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Dead from Ebola!

Rebecca Younger, Andy Lines have news of the ebola death on British soil. Their story includes lines:

Workers said they were terrified the virus could spread globally through the busy international hub from the West African country which is in the grip of the deadly epidemic…

Ebola has killed 256 people in Sierra Leone.

A total of 826 have died in West Africa since the outbreak began in February….

The plane was quarantined as ­officials desperately tried to trace everyone who had been in contact with the woman.

Airport workers faced an anxious wait to see if the woman had Ebola. One said: “Everyone’s just ­petrified. We’ve all seen how many people have died from Ebola, especially in Sierra Leone, and it’s terrifying.”

The woman was sweating buckets and vomiting.

“Paramedics arrived to try and help her. The next thing everybody was there… emergency crews, airfield operations, even immigration. They closed down the jet bridge and put the aircraft into quarantine. They took everyone’s details, even the guy who fuels the aircraft.”

The plane carrying the woman came from Freetown in Sierra Leone – a country with the highest number of victims from the disease.

And after 623 words on the killer disease, the Mirror’s two journbalists finally reveal:

…the Department of Health said that tests for the deadly Ebola virus on the woman who died at Gatwick had proved negative.

Nex tweek in the Mirror: Fears thatGreat White Sharks will carry ebola into UK waters:

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