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Idiocy In Your Local Tesco: A Bad Apple Story

by | 8th, September 2014



SO a bloke goes along to Tesco and has a look at the apples on sale. He’s like to buy some lovely fresh British apples. And why not? They can be very scrummy indeed. Having looked at 22 varieties of apples on sale in that Tesco store he gets a bit miffed to find that there’s no British ones among them. Hmm, as he says:

Mr Deen, the town’s mayor Janet Jackson and Food4Macc, a campaigning group, are now calling for stores to stock more locally-sourced produce.

Mr Deen, 50, from Siddington, said: ‘When I couldn’t find an English apple I had to check twice. A member of staff checked as well and admitted they had none in stock. He was clearly embarrassed.

‘Supermarkets should be buying local or at least from the same country and supporting British farmers, not flying in apples from the other side of the world during peak apple season in this country.’

And that’s where the idiocy comes in.

Starting from the beginning, the argument is that we should all be eating that lovely, fresh, in season produce that grows all around us. OK, maybe we should: it can indeed be yummy. but the flip side of eating things that are in season locally is that there will also be times when they are not in season locally. You know, because tempus mutandis and the seasons change. This is why our forefathers went hungry in June and July, as they waited for the harvest to come: that harvest festival stuff isn’t so much about giving thanks for what can be eaten for the next year as having come through a couple of months of near starvation before getting that harvest in.

And what our local food campaigners have missed here is that now, right now, is the out of season time from British apples. We’ve not had an eating apples to pick since May and Discovery, the first of the new season, might have been in the shops for a day or two already this year but that’s it.

This isn’t the peak of the apple season, this is the very end of British apples being out of season.

Which is, of course, why there’s no damn British apples in Tesco.

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