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Persecuting Terrorists, Sex Offenders And Other Nudists In Malaysia, America And Northern Ireland

by | 17th, August 2014


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IN Malaysia, nudists are being rounded up:

THREE suspects have surrendered to Malaysian police over their participation in a nudist sports event, a state police chief says… The controversy began after a video titled Penang Nude Sports Games 2014 was uploaded two weeks ago to the video-sharing website Vimeo, triggering an uproar…

Those sports?

The video showed a group of four women and 14 men engaging in activities like body painting, crab-walking and a Gangnam-style dance with one woman riding a man who was on all fours…

Round up the usual suspects:

Singaporean PR Albert Yam Kam Hoong turned himself in at the district police headquarters in Balik Pulau on Saturday evening.

Yam, whose name was credited in the video “Penang Nude Sports Games 2014”, had earlier emailed an apology letter to the state government via a vernacular daily.

The content of the letter were as follows: “To the Penang State Government, we are sorry to hold a naturist event in Penang, which created a storm in the whole Malaysia.

“We will ensure that we won’t do it again and please accept our deepest apologies for our misconduct that happened in Teluk Kampi, Penang and created embarrassment to the country.

“We have much esteem for the law in Malaysia. Sincerely, Albert Yam Kam Hoong and naturists.”

This is the suggestively named Mr Yam:


mr yam



IN the US, nudists are terrorists:


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A fight is on:

“Myself and my family are extremely offended,” says Dennis Roszell, who owns a home across from the beach. “You don’t set up a nude beach in public. It shows absolute and total disrespect for all of civilization and all of society.”

Last month, the Pinkowski family, which owns a seven-hectare parcel of land fronting Okanagan Lake’s Three Mile Beach, told nudists that they were trespassing and blocked access to their property with fencing, signs and security guards.

“I’m sure they’re upset,” says Cary Pinkowski. “They had their private, secluded area but it was private property that they’ve been using all this time.”…

Dustin Wolchina, a naturist who has been speaking for beach users, says he and other nude-beach regulars were surprised when they were denied access.

“They’re really, really disheartened — it’s ridiculous,” he says… “It’s not comfortable anymore, it’s not relaxing,” says Wolchina. “We’ve been victimized and we’re done with it. We don’t want to play the game. We’ve done nothing that’s not respectable.”

Roszell vehemently disagrees. He says he’s seen sex acts performed in the open and postings online soliciting sexual encounters at the beach.

“They have no respect for families whatsoever,” he says. “They’re not a benign group of people being themselves. These are an extremely offensive, extremely disrespectful group of people that have no holds barred. I’ve seen them walk up to kids wangin’ their dangs.”

In Florida, the wildlife is revolted:


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But in Washington, nudists are aiming for the top:


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Whose afraid of nudes?

…the local Body Freedom activists, better known as just San Francisco’s nudists, held yet another noon rally at Jane Warner Plaza in the Castro. What was more eye-catching than the bare bottoms and uncovered genitals was the shrinking number of people who are shedding their clothes since Supervisor Scott Wiener’s ban on public nudity was passed over a year ago.

But for Gypsy Taub and George Davis, unlike their clothes, their passion for public nudity remains.

Davis, who hopes to unseat Wiener in the next election, announced his plans to campaign in New York City and London — two cities that don’t currently have bans on public nudity.

Not yet. In Northern Ireland police issued this warning (see lead photo):

“We are treating this kind of behaviour extremely seriously and will be continuing to take action against anyone who decides to do the same. There are young children in these areas too. You could end up with a criminal record and placed on the sex offender register. Please enjoy the weather but be sensible.”

Being naked in public makes you a sex offender?

In Guernsey:

Despite increasing reports about the number of nudist bathers on some Guernsey beaches, police say it’s not a problem the majority of the time. Officers can only intervene if a naturist is doing something considered indecent.

One Telegraph writer is offended:

I live surrounded by these nudists and their numerous subspecies – voyeurs, transsexuals, wife-swappers…

Our final word is with a nudist:

“There have been lots of threats, harassment and so on, but it’s a fair while since there have been any prosecutions that we know about,” Malcolm Boura of British Naturism told The Independent. “It’s caused a lot of concern in naturist circles. Amongst our members, to say they’re irate about it is an understatement. Bloody furious would be the words for it.”

Are you offended?

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