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Liverpool Balls: Luis Suarez Trains Daniel Sturridge By SMS

by | 18th, August 2014

THE Premier League season is udnerways. And the Mirror and Express lead with a Liverpool player who no logner plays for the Reds. Both paper ask the same question: “Who Needs Luis Suarez?”


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The simple answer would be ‘the media does’.

But the Sun and star have a different answer. They say that Luis Suarez played a key role in Liverpool’s home win over Southampton, its feeeder club. It was thanks to Luis, now of Barcelona, that Daniel Sturridge scored the game’s winning goal. And he did it all with the power of a single text message.

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Brendan Rodgers saw the text and concludes, according to the Sun:

“His heart will always be with Liverpool.”

Sure it will, Brendan. And his teeth will always be with Ajax, his hand with Uruguay, his racial awareness with South Africa…?

What Rodgers actually said was, according to the Indy:

“Luis Suarez sent us a lovely text this morning wishing us all the best and telling us to start strong – it’s a lovely gesture. We’re bigger than any one player, I still think we need a striker so we’ll search through until the end of the window for that. He sent the text to me personally. What did it say? Don’t be so nosey! I texted him back – it’s a great love in I’ve got with him! He’s a great boy but he’s gone. It was a lovely touch. Liverpool will always be in his heart.”

According to the Mail:

“He [Suarez] sent me a lovely text this morning wishing us all the best and telling his old team-mates to start strongly. He’s a friend of Liverpool now. I sent one back. He’s a good boy but he’s gone. His heart is with Liverpool. He’ll always be Liverpool and it was a lovely touch.’

Accordign to the Telegraph:

“He sent us a lovely text wishing us all the best, which was a great gesture. He is a friend now of Liverpool. He is a good boy but he is gone. His heart will still always be with Liverpool. Our ambitions here at Liverpool have to be bigger than one player. We are bigger than any player.”

And on the Sun goes, telling readers that Suarez made the Reds what they are today.


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BRENDAN RODGERS insists Luis Suarez is helping Liverpool’s title bid again — despite leaving Anfield this summer. Shamed striker Suarez departed for Barcelona in a £75million move after his World Cup bite. But Rodgers reckons his winning mentality rubbed off on his old team-mates… Rodgers believes Liverpool have more strength now than last season’s Suarez-inspired squad…

Over on the BBC, the Luis Suarez love-in is a little diluted:

The Reds required a 79th-minute winner by Sturridge to overcome a determined Southampton side 2-1 at Anfield. Asked if Liverpool are a better team following the departure of Suarez, Sturridge said: “I think so, with the players we’ve brought in. No disrespect – he’s a great player and will be missed – but we move on.”

If only the tabloids would…

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