Anorak News | The BBC And Police Use Cliff Richard To Repair The Damage Of Jimmy Savile And Hillsborough

The BBC And Police Use Cliff Richard To Repair The Damage Of Jimmy Savile And Hillsborough

by | 19th, August 2014


CAN we feel sorry for Cliff Richard? When the police raided his home in the full glare of the BBC cameras, did you wince? Or did you pat yourself on the back and congratulate the Beeb and the police on their sound work in investigating allegations of historic sex abuse and, most vitally, showing us all how they have moved on and are no longer ignoring victims, employing the depraved and failing to report their crimes?

The worthy South Yorkshire plods must have known Cliff was on his summer holidays.

But it wasn’t about him. It was about them. Just as when they nicked innocent Jim Davidson at Heathrow Airport, unable to wait until the poor sod arrived home or – get this – went on the lam in the Celebrity Big Brother house – the police stage-managed a show of their moral credentials.

No stone will be left unturned in the hunt for the paedophile, the pariah of society who will get us all.  Paedo panic is one of the simplest ways of binding the mob in a common cuase. Forget that those sods in South Yorkshire lied and lied and lied about dead children and adults at Hillsborough; just be thank ful they are protecting the kids from the ubiquitous nonce who lurks  around every corner. Yes, that same police force did test killed 10-year-olds for signs of alcoholism in a bid to slander Liverpool’s 96, but if Sir Cliff or any other celebroty has laid so much as a glance on a kid, they will bring the full weight of the law upon their youthful heads.

Someone has made an allegation against Sir Cliff. So. The moralists send for the five police cars (yes, really), the police helicopter and the BBC cameras. And we look on as the empty home is raided.

Now phone the BBC. Phone the police, Did you know the accused? Are you an alleged victim? That crass and crap police raid was also a BBC advert for other alleged victims to come forward. If enough people can make a claim, the police raid will have been worth it.

Sod the fact that Sir Cliff Richard was id-ed on the BBC before he’d been arrested.

That was not justice.

It’s pervese that in this moden post-Savile, post-Rochdale world, when justice denied to many victims of sex crimes is being made right, a man can be humilated in public on the pretext of justice by the very institutions who betrayed so many

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