Anorak News | California Solar Energy Plant Bar-B-Cues 28,000 Birds A Year

California Solar Energy Plant Bar-B-Cues 28,000 Birds A Year

by | 20th, August 2014


SOLAR power can cook a bird in seconds. The vast Ivanpah plant in California’s  Mojave desert uses 300,000 large mirrors to bounce sun rays to three 40-storey water towers.  The resulting steam turns the turbines which create energy for 140,000 homes.



Temperates above the mirrors can reach 420C (790F). Creatures flying overhead are cooked on the wing. Locals call the 28,000 birds-a-la-mode “streamers” because they smoke as they dive towards the ground.

The California Energy Commission plans to build an even bigger plant by Joshua Tree National Park. Should it go ahead, more birds will perish.




Maybe the enrgy could be harvested by the US turkey industry. Think of the cooking time saved at Thanksgiving. Sure, the holiday might have to be moved to when the sun is brightest, but with the fate of the planet at stake, it’s worth a try…

William Shatner endorses this message.

Windfarms kill 40,000 birds a year.


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