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Scottish Independence: Deep-Fried Food For Thought

by | 26th, August 2014

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WILL you vote for an independent Scotland? Are you a Scots Braveheart rejecting Britain and all the fusty Middle Englanders? Are you just bored with the UK and think separation is something to do, a move that will enliven the moribund political debate?

Do you just want to declare your Scottishness?

Do you see the vote as chance for the Left to reject Tories?

And what is Scottish? The Scottish National Party keeps producing images of the past. But why would anyone vote for a retuen to a monoculture? The BBC talks about the “formula for Scottishness“. It’s not about blood and lineage, says the BBC; being Scottish is about “my accent, vocabulary and appetite for cholesterol-rich foodstuffs still mark me out as a Scot”.

Is that it? If you like deep-fired Mars bars, can understand Rab C Nesbitt without subtitles and can do an impression of Mike Myers’ Fat Bastard (the same voice he did for proud Scot Shrek), you are Scottish. Tick those boxes and you can get our own country and be ruled exclusively by others just like you. Unless the leaders do as promised an swiftly join the EU.

So. It’s not really an indepedent Scotland the YES campaigners want. It’s a bigger recognition of what Scots are.

But what is that? Or is it best defined by what it isn;’?

WORLDbytes hosted a debate about the referndum. Watch it below.


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