Anorak News | WHO Ban On E-Cigarettes Makes The Saddo Sticks Cool And Dangerous

WHO Ban On E-Cigarettes Makes The Saddo Sticks Cool And Dangerous

by | 27th, August 2014



SMOKING is supposed to be sublime. Smokers will tell you that it is. Of course it’s bad for you.

Smoking [cigarettes] reveals the essence of appropriation–displays, in its most abstract form, the motive behind all desire to possess something, to own at all…The cigarette…allows us, in a symbolic act, to take into ourselves the world around us, the whole landscape that smoking a cigarette accompanies.” -Richard Klein

Smoking tobacco is great. The bad news is that your hobby will kill you. Smoking marks you out as a social pariah, hated even more than the fat.

Should give up the evil weed? Of course. But it’s delicious.

What you should not do is smoke those sad e-cigs, mini-totems of twattery that showcase the user to be a pillock. They are safe and therefore dull and a waste of time. They are not sublime. But fair enough, if you want to take responsibility for your own idiocy, go for it. It’s your cred.

But wiat a moment. The BBC News reports that smoking puffing on a Toys R Us fag might be dangerous.

The World Health Organization says there should be a ban on the use of e-cigarettes indoors and that sales to children should stop. In a report the health body says there must be no more claims that the devices can help smokers quit – until there is firm evidence to support this.

WHO experts warn the products might pose a threat to adolescents and the foetuses of pregnant women.

Might. Or might not. It’s always useful with warnings to reverse the wording: “WHO experts warn the products might not pose a threat to adolescents and the foetuses of pregnant women.”

…The health experts call for a ban on advertisements that could encourage children and non-smokers to use the devices. And they say fruit, candy or alcoholic-drink style flavours should be prohibited too, while the sales of electronic cigarettes from vending machines should be heavily restricted…

Why? Because the WHO experts – thsoe experts who don’t know the facts and are thefore experts in, well, not this particular field –  warn “exhaled e-cigarette vapour could increase the background air levels of some toxicants and nicotine.”

Or could not.

Again, just like the ban on smoking insides pubs, the move is about protecting the second-hand smokers, who might not need protecting.

On the plus side for all e-cig tokers is that is the WHO can make your twit tubes dangeous, you might end up looking pretty cool…


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