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God Speed Ashya King: The Police And Media Want Us To Grass Up His Family

by | 30th, August 2014

THE Sun and other media have been tucking into the stgory of Ashya King, the desperately ill five-year-old taken from Southampton General Hosptial by his family and driven to France.

The Telegraph has taken sides:

A five-year-old boy with a brain tumour who was taken by his parents from hospital without the blessing of doctors is being fed by a battery-operated feeding tube which will run out in the next 12 hours.

The “blessing of doctors”? Are the men in white coats now religious figures?

What of the rights of Ashya King’s parents, Brett and Naghemeh King?

Where are they taking him? Disneyland for one last bit of family fun before goodbyes are said? We don’t know. But the Sun makes a link between the boy’s trip and the family’s religion.

Hampshire Police says Ashya King’s family have “strong links to the Marbella area”. Are they heading to the Costa Del Sol?

The Sun says the family are “on the run”.

They are not criminals. But the language is loaded.


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Readers are orderd To “FIND ASHYA”. This is a story readers can play along with. It’s interactive. He’s not yet “Our Ashya”, but give it time and he will be.

But inside, the Sun changes tack. We’re told:

THE despairing parents of five-year-old Ashya King fled with him because they could not watch him die slowly in hospital, a close friend said last night.

The Mail adds:

Friends said the couple went abroad hoping to find help. Family friend Katie Fletcher posted a message on Hampshire Police’s Facebook page, saying Mrs King, 45, had ‘run away in desperation’.

Still want to find them? Still want to help the police nab the lad and send him to hospital? Still want to see the innocent parents sent home in a police car, their other six children housed with approved persons until mum and dad are cleared?

The children are aged from 2 to 23. Did the oldest child call the police? No.

Holidaymakers and ex-pats on the Costa del Crime are being told to keep them peeled. The police want you to grass on the family.

The Mirror adds:

The search widened considerably yesterday as Interpol sent out a missing persons alert to each of its 190 member countries.

If you’re in American Samoa, Cuba or Kyrgyzstan keep them peeled. Backpackers in Nepal and headhunters in Papua New Guinea should be on the look out. 190 countries is a lot, but together we can do it.

Assistant Chief Constable Chris Shead appeals:

“The need to find Ashya is now desperate. It is really important that we find him and ensure he receives medical attention at the earliest opportunity. We still don’t know whether the King family has any spare batteries for the machine which administers food, the knowledge, or any way of recharging the battery. Without properly administered food Ashya’s situation is very serious.

“There have been widespread media alerts across Europe, we would now encourage anyone with links to Spain particularly to also help us spread the appeal via social media.”

The police don’t listen. The police just tell.


Screen shot 2014-08-30 at 10.43.43


C’mon. Grass up the desperate family now being hunted by the police.

The Telegraph says:

NHS guidlines say that when a child’s life is in danger, the doctor has the right to do whatever is needed to save the child’s life. If a parent or guardian fails to provide medical help for a child, or unreasonably refuse to allow treatment, they can be prosecuted for neglect.

Anyone else tempted to read these stories and shout “RUN! God speed”..?

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