Anorak News | Canada Newspaper Advises Learning The Koran To Escape Jihadis In Your British Shopping Mall

Canada Newspaper Advises Learning The Koran To Escape Jihadis In Your British Shopping Mall

by | 1st, September 2014

WRITING in Canada’s National Post, Afsun Qureshi has a tip on how to survive the armed, gurning jihadi with the questions: you have to make an Islamic vow.

He recalls the 2013 al-Qaeda-linked attack at Kenya’s Westgate Mall:

To weed the Muslims out from the infidels, terrorists asked people to recite the shahadah to prove their faith. They asked other things too, like certain key passages of the Koran, the name of Mohammad’s mother, that sort of thing — it was al-Qaeda Question Hour. The wrong answer meant death.

After that, many, myself included, wondered: Should we — Muslim or not — learn the basics of Islam and have a read through the Koran? If one of us ever finds herself in a situation similar to that of Westgate Mall victims, could even a rudimentary knowledge of Islam save us?

What about a circumcision to back up your answers?

More broadly, being versed in the Koran might help Muslims to discredit and marginalize the fundamentalists who have warped the words from that holy book.

Yeah. Get into a debate with them. That’ll work. It’s not as if millions of Muslims being murdered by the nutters haven’t tried to talk things through.

Earlier this month, Philip Hammond, Foreign Secretary of the UK, where I live, said there were at least 500 British Muslims training with ISIS in Iraq and Syria — more Muslims, apparently, than there are enlisted in the UK Military. What if these lunatics decide to use their passport to come back to the UK to launch Westgate-style attacks?

For every violent passage in the Koran, there is a peaceful passage — which can be a handy tool when it comes to confronting radicals in the realm of ideas. The odds are that if you are assailed by a radical Islamist in the streets of London or Toronto, it will be with words not bullets.

But what if they’ve got all the guns and all the bullets and you’ve only got your Koran For Dummies?

Some might fear that learning a bit of Islam will lead to a Homeland type situation, with folks going all Brody on us. But I doubt that. When I was growing up in Don Mills, Ont., school kids had to learn and recite the Lord’s Prayer, regardless of the fact that the majority of students at my school were Jewish. I don’t recall any of us going on to become Christian soldiers.

Depends if the school chaplain comes armed or not and orders you to say it right or die.

Mark Steyn reacts:

Afsun Qureshi suggests the best thing you could do to lessen the likelihood of being set upon by Muslims is to learn to recite the shahadah, “a testimony to the identity of Allah as the one true God, and Muhammad as his prophet”. She might be right. Wearing a burqa might help, too. Or the shalwar kameez. On the other hand, most of those Syrian men paraded through the desert in their BVDs to their rendezvous with death knew the shahadah, and a fat lot of good it did.

To recite the shahadah when you’re accosted on the streets is to accept the basic premise of your attackers – that Islam now has universal jurisdiction. There’s way too much of that already. In essence, the entire establishment of a South Yorkshire town accepted that the cultural mores of Islam superseded whatever squeamishness they might otherwise have about child rape.

He’s talking about Rotherham. But he’s wrong. They didn’t rape because they were Islamic. They raped becaue they were men who thought they could get away with it by picking on soft targets and sticking together.

PS: According to the BBC: “Reciting this statement three times in front of witnesses is all that anyone need do to become a Muslim.” You’re not escaping the nutters by saying the lines, you’re converting.


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