Anorak News | Half Of Young Women Cannot Locate Their Vaginas

Half Of Young Women Cannot Locate Their Vaginas

by | 2nd, September 2014



THIS is one of those newspaper headlines that really cannot be believed. They’ve printed it, this much is true, but it’s near impossible for the rest of us to believe it:

Half of young women can’t ‘locate their vaginas’

I’ll admit that I don’t know as many young women as I used to but even so this still doesn’t ring true. there’s not been some great epidemic in recent years of women going unwiped after a wee, nor of anguished questions about “so, where do I put this tampon thing then?”. So the idea that young ladies don’t know where their lady bits are seems a little, umm, odd, if we’re to be frank about it.

What they’ve actually done is ask them to point to, on a diagram, the vagina s portrayed in the diagram:

As Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Cancer month kicks off, a study shows half of 26 to 35-year-old women are unable to correctly identify a vagina on a medical diagram of the female reproductive system

And that’s something very different indeed. Most men (other than politicians perhaps) would be able to point to where their thighbone was, for example, but a great deal fewer would be able to point to the tibia, or even know that they are the same thing (or maybe they’re not? Maybe this is a test?). And that’s what has been measured in this experiment. Young women sorting out which bits are the vulva, labia, vagina, cervix and so on, which is very different from the more common use we make of where the “vagina” is. But still, it makes young British women look like total idiots and that’s the main thing for the Telegraph we must suppose.

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