Anorak News | Edmonton Murder: Palmira Silva’s Alleged Killer Nicholas Salvador Is No Longer a Muslim

Edmonton Murder: Palmira Silva’s Alleged Killer Nicholas Salvador Is No Longer a Muslim

by | 7th, September 2014

IS Nicholas Salvador Muslim? When news of Palmira Silva’s murder broke, the Press lead with the story that she’d been “beheaded” in her Edmonton, North London, garden.

The Sun saw the suspect’s religion as a key fact.


muslim silva edmonton



The Mail reported that she’d not been beheaded. Mrs Silva had been “almost decapitated”.

All gruesome.

But in the climate of ISIS jihadis beheading people in the Middle East and making threats to behead people in the UK, the word had a sinsiter echo.

A few days on and the Press are a little less concerned by the suspect’s religion.

Helen Lewis asked in the New Statesman: “Are beheadings terrorism? Palmira Silva was the third woman to be decapitated in London this year”

On 3 June, a 38-year-old woman called Tahira Ahmed was found decapitated at her home in West London. The neighbours reported hearing a loud argument. Her husband has been charged with her murder. In April, 60-year-old woman called Judith Nibbs was beheaded in Shoreditch. Her 67-year-old estranged husband was found at the scene…

In the last few years, Karen Ingala Smith – the CEO of the charity which I chair, Nia – has maintained a list of every woman killed by a man in this country…

Last year, in June, Reema Ramzan, 18, was decapitated by boyfriend, Aras Hussain, 21. The year before, in October 2012, Catherine Gowing, 39, was decapitated and raped by serial rapist Clive Sharp, 47. In March the same year Elizabeth Coriat, 76, was decapitated by her son Daniel Coriat, 43; earlier the same month, Gemma McCluskie, 29, had been decapitated by her brother Tony McCluskie, 36.

So. Is Nicholas Salvador a Muslim beheader? Today, he appeared at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Corner in north London, where he was remanded in custody. Salvador’s next court appearance will be at the Old Bailey on Tuesday.

How was the first court date reported?

The Mail on Sunday: Not a single mention of the suspect being a Muslim.

London Evening Standard: one menion – “Friends claimed he is from a Muslim background”

Independent: No mention of Salvador’s religion.

Mirror: No mention of Salvador’s religion.

Enfield Indy: No mention of Salvador’s religion.

Sunday Times: No mention of Salvador’s religion.

Express: No mention of Salvador’s religion.

Telegraph: No mention of Salvador’s religion.

BBC: No mention of Salvador’s religion.

Of course, now the suspect has been charged, media is restricted from reporting anything that might prejudice a subsequent jury trial. But one fact can be shared: Mr Salvador did not shout Alluah Wakbar in court. He might be a Muslim, but he looks like no jihadi we’ve seen.


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