Anorak News | Big Brother: ‘Lesbian ‘ Kisser White Dee Becomes The Birmingham Resident’

Big Brother: ‘Lesbian ‘ Kisser White Dee Becomes The Birmingham Resident’

by | 8th, September 2014



WHEN the Daily Star declares “White Dee In BB 3-Way Romp”, you don’t know whether to take a peek or look away.

Deirdre Kelly — “White Dee” — is the break-out star of Benefits Street, TV’s fly-in-the-biscuit tin look at the welfare state through the eyes of UKIP recruiters for whom benefits are the disease not the symptom of poverty, poor education and unemployment.

Dee was the Street’s sedatory matriach and protector of the weak. She’s moved from James Turner Street, Birmingham, to a Z-list holding bay in leafy Elstree, where she’s having a Big Brother threesome.

Given that the Star is owned by Richard Desmond, who also publishes hardcore porn, the “romp” holds much promise for sticky-fingered readers.

But it turns out that the “romp” is like watching the VIP section at Lineker’s Bar.

The latest boozy theatrics include Geordie Shore’s Ricci giving White Dee a lap dance, while Lauren Goodger swept in for a lesbian kiss.. the action kicks off in the garden with the Benefits Street star telling her roomies she’s knackered and “can’t wait to get to bed”. A merry Lauren then tells her “you can’t go to bed”, before straddling the 43-year-old Mother Hen and smothering her with kisses. Giggling, Dee tells her: “Lauren, you nearly slipped me the tongue.”


With his white shirt drenched in red wine stains, he spins with his back to Dee, shaking his booty in her face while sprawled across the Birmingham resident.

That might be the best epithet ever “The Birmingham resident”. A Brummie on the magick box? Can we poke her with sticks?

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