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Arsenal Balls: Wenger Bought Danny Welbeck From Manchester United By Accident

by | 12th, September 2014

ARSENAL Balls: Media reporting on Arsene Wenger’s attitude to Danny Welbeck is utter drivel.

The Metro leads with the news that Arsenal didn’t want to sign Welbeck. Incredible as it seems, you can spend £16m on human flesh without meaning to:





Clearly, Manchester United’s Louis Van Gaal was not crash hot on Welbeck given that he had more expensive and experienced alterntives. You don’t leave players who cost a weekly wage far in excess of Welbeck’s on the bench.

As for Wenger not being keen on Welbeck, well, that’s utter balls. Wenger, who was in Rome on Transfer Deadline Day, said:

“If I had not travelled that day, Welbeck would not be here. The coincidence made that because I was on my way. If I stayed at home, Welbeck would not be here today. I will tell you that story one day but that’s the truth.”

The Metro is reporting that had Wenger been in London, Welbeck would not have been bought. Can it be that Arsenal have no way to calling a man in Rome?

Wenger added:

“We are in 2014 and you can always be in touch with everybody even when you travel. The advantage of that day was I had to get up at 6 o’clock in the morning and I was available the whole day.”

So Wenger was able to get Welbeck because he had more time to dedicate himself to the pursuit.

The facts seem clear. But the balls keeps on coming. Get this in the Standard:


Screen shot 2014-09-12 at 16.16.06


James Olley writes:

Arsene Wenger today admitted he would have preferred to sign Danny Welbeck on loan

Is that what he said? No.

“We sold [Robin] van Persie to Manchester United [in 2012] so that’s a reciprocity that happened there. I thought when they bought Falcao they had to let somebody go and I was not aware at the start [that United would sell to Arsenal] when I heard that he could be available. It was quick because it was on the last day of the transfer window and I had no hesitation to do it.”

He preferred to take Welbeck on loan when Welbeck was not for sale. As soon as he was for sale, Wenger and Arsenal raced to ge the deal donbe.

Such are the facts…

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