Anorak News | Liverpool ‘Trolls’ And The Trouble With Fabregas And Torres At Chelsea

Liverpool ‘Trolls’ And The Trouble With Fabregas And Torres At Chelsea

by | 12th, September 2014

THE Daily Mirror’s Brian Reade – the man who ‘assassinated’ an area and its white population in the “White Man’s Gulch” of Eltham – is upset at treatment meted out to Chesela’s Cesc Fabregas And Liverpool’s Fabio Borini:

Why are Fabio Borini and Cesc Fabregas now having to defend themselves against online character assassinations?

That question is soon followed by another?

Borini, who spurned two moves away from Anfield this summer has taken abuse from Sunderland, QPR and Liverpool trolls for being a greedy little git. Since when has having the determination to fight for your place at the club you signed for been a crime?

And another:

As for those Liverpool fans lambasting Borini for being happy to sit on the bench picking up big wages when the club could have got £12million for him, his refusal to move didn’t block any potential signing coming in, so why the sudden concern for the health of your club’s coffers?

Is this the same Brian Reade who, reportedly, told readers:

”his [Michael Owen’s] earnings sound almost like poverty pay when compared to Fernando Torres, whose £175,000-a-week salary means in three-and-a-half years at Chelsea he’s picked up £31.8m. It’s no wonder Jose Mourinho has spent big on Diego Costa and wants to bring back Didier Drogba. Or why, instead of moving, Torres sits in his country house counting his money. The only wonder is why he always has such a gob on him.”


 Liverpool didn’t miss their plastic idol [Torres] on Wednesday and they won’t miss him in the future. Others will come along to join the real heroes like Steven Gerrard, Jamie Carragher and Dirk Kuyt. Men who are often damned with faint praise by being patronised as a ‘great servant.’

Torres never did bother to defend himself against online character assassinations for “trolls”…

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