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Kyron Horman: Justice Dies As Terri Horman Is ‘Killed’

by | 15th, September 2014

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KYRON Horman has made it into the pages of the National Enquirer. In a article entitled “TAKEN! KIDNAP EPIDEMIC ROCKS AMERICA”, readers are told “Kyron Hormon gone from school”.

Only, we don’t know for certain that the child was kidnapped. All we know for certain is that on June 4 2010, Kyron Horman, then aged 7, vanished. And then the facts ended. A single story thread was spun by a desperate and clueless police force and a sensationalist media unable to stick to the fact.

Typically, the Enquirer paints an emotive picture. It says the “boy’s devasted birth mom” Desiree Young vows to “never give up looking for her son”. It quotes her:

“I miss all of the giggle that have filled our home since he was born.”

Well, yes. And no. Kyron never lived with his birth mom every day of this young life. Desiree was married to Kaine Horman, Kyron’s father. In August 2002, when Desiree was eight months pregnant, she filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences.

Desiree claims Kaine was cheating on her with Terri Horman.

Was it all giggles?

Oregon Live reviews:

Kyron moved in full time with his dad, now 36, an engineer at Intel… Kaine needed child care. So, Desiree’s friend Terri moved in to help.. Terri brought her son, James, now 16, from her first marriage.

Two months after leaving for Canada, Desiree returned to the United States with $30,000 in medical bills. To get back on her feet, she moved in with her family in Medford, who helped support her. Desiree never tried to regain custody of Kyron, though she has maintained a close relationship with her son, caring for him every weekend or so with her new husband, Medford police Detective Tony Young.

After Desiree returned to Oregon, Terri and Kaine stayed under the same roof while he worked at Intel and she cared for the kids. What started as a caregiving relationship blossomed.

In April 2007, they got married.

Kaine was Terri Horman’s third husband.

Kaine was Desiree Young’s second husband. She’s now married to a local policeman.

Terri and Kaine divorced on Dec. 31, 2013.

All eyes have been on Terri since Kyron vanished.

Terri Horman was never named as a suspect. Well, not by the police. The media and Desiree were less circumspect, applying pressure in the hope of extracting a confession. But none came. And police have still not proved what crime – if any – befell Kyron Horman.

In June this year, Kaine Horman was granted custody he and Terri’s 5-year-old Kiara Horman.

The custody settlement made public on the fourth anniversary of Kyron’s disappearance allows Terri Horman eventual visits with her daughter… The initial contact between Terri Horman and Kiara will be through an exchange of letters and cards. It will then expand to videoconferencing and supervised visits. “Preliminary maternal contact shall be relatively short and time limited, progressing on to longer duration as warranted by Kiara’s response,” the agreement states.

The settlement requires Terri Horman to attend parental training and restricts her from going within 150 feet of her ex-husband’s house, gym and workplace.

Terri Horman is the outsider, a name invoked by Kyron’s birth parents on TV.



US libel laws are slacker than Sylvester Stallone’s jaw. If you saw the above tabloid TV report on Dr Phil, you will now how bad it is to be accused of a crime and then tried in the court of public opinion.

In July 2013, Young hit Terri Horman with a civil suit, accusing her of kidnapping her son. She demanded she either return Kyron or reveal where she hid his body, in addition to demanding $10million in damages. However, she dropped that suit eventually, saying she didn’t want to interfere with the ongoing criminal investigation.

Too late for that. And that criminal investigation is non-existent.

Yet in September kptv reported this:

Kaine Horman has maintained his wife was involved in Kyron’s disappearance, based on information from law enforcement, which is why he doesn’t want her to see their daughter. Kaine Horman was in court Friday and his lawyer said the couple’s daughter Kiara doesn’t know Terri Horman and would only be traumatized by seeing her.

What police information? This maybe:

Kaine Horman moved out of their home and filed for the restraining order after he said investigators alerted him that Terri Horman had solicited a landscaper to kill him months before Kyron’s disappearance.No arrests have been made in the alleged murder-for-hire plot.

The police offered not a single shred of proof that Terri Horman had arranged a hit man. Indeed, when the hapless police arrived on her doorstep, dressed in plain clothes and wired up to record her arranging her husband’s murder, she called the police.

That’s enough to keep a child from her mother. But it’s not enough to secure an arrest, let alone a trial.

“We’re talking about the introduction of somebody who’s the central figure in a criminal investigation into a child’s life and there’s an incredible risk of emotional damage to this child,” said Brett Engel, Kaine Horman’s lawyer.

Too late for that. That child’s emotions can’t be helped by having a mother kept at arm’s length on pain of law.

The investigation is simply a campaign to finger Terri Horman for a heinous crime. You might not like Terri Horman, but no-one should be subjected to such relentless and remoursless pressure on the strength of hunches and prejudice.

This month, Terri Horman attempted to change her name.

Maxine Bernstein reported:

Terri Moulton Horman last week spoke publicly about her missing stepson for the first time since shortly after the 7-year-old boy vanished more than four years ago. “Kyron Horman is missing,” Horman told Douglas County Circuit Judge Randolph L. Garrison. “He needs to be found. I love my son. I want him home more than anything.’ She made the comments as she sought to get the court’s approval to change her name to Claire Stella Sullivan to avoid what she called the “stigma” of the Horman name.

Terri Horman is not longer married to Kaine Horman. And her name is mud.


The gang of four

The gang of four


And then it got weird:

Four women testified to oppose Horman’s petition.

“She don’t deserve to even carry another name until she wants to talk about Kyron,” testified Stacey Green of Longview, Wash. Green told the court she’s been monitoring the case online and uses the name “Green teeth” on social media sites.

Got that? Someone who doesn’t know Terri Horman went to court to prevent an innocent women from changing her name.

“We’re Kyron’s voice. Kyron don’t have a voice anymore. We’re here until he’s found to be his voice,” Green told the judge.

After that barely intelligible, self-aggrandizing and mawkish bilge, other kind hearts stepped up:

The others who took the witness stand in opposition were: Vernice Powell-Porter of Roseburg, who said her father is missing and her sister knew Terri Horman; Briana Martinez of Longview, Wash., and Kim Garcia, who said she’s helped search for Kyron and volunteered at a car wash fundraiser for the boy’s family.

Sorry to hear about your missing father but what has that to do with a missing boy you never met? Is she suggesting the two events are linked?


“Even if you grant her the name change, we still know who she is,” Powell-Porter told the judge. Directing her comments to Terri Horman, Powell-Porter continued, “You can’t escape it. We all know what happened. Some day you’ll talk.”

At which point the judge threatened the gang with contempt of court? He questioned their motives? Did he research their views on Terri Horman by going online? Did he see this?




Screen shot 2014-09-15 at 21.37.36


Screen shot 2014-09-15 at 21.38.41


No. No. No. And No. Did the judge ask the four women if they knew the missing child’s mother?


He refused Terri Horman’s name change.

This is the USA. Land of the free. In the UK, rules are clear:

If there are criminal proceedings against you

You can change your name by deed poll, but you must tell the police about your change of name.

If you have a criminal record

You can change your name by deed poll — having a criminal record does not prevent you in any way. However there are cases where you must tell certain bodies about your change of name:

There are no criminal proceedings against Terri Horman. She has no criminal record save for an old DUI.

In the USA a man who smokes or snorts illegal drugs can be the country’s President.

But you can’t change your own name.

But is Terri Horman under threat, as it seems? After all, the above exchange features a hope that she is killed.

The gang of four took her photo as she left.




terro horman 1



The police thought it wise to escort her to and from the courthouse:


terri escort



Meanwhile, innocent Kyron Horman is missing.

Such are the facts.


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