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Pulling Secrets Of The Surrey Bus Driver with 26 Children

by | 17th, September 2014

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WHO is Britain’s most fertile dad? The Sun reveals him to be Michael Redman, 59. He’s squired 26 children by nine different women.

He works as a bus driver.  And that seems relevant given that the Mr Redman’s job takes top billing on the Sun’s front page. Readers start asking if being a bus driver is good or your sperm and if human life’s big creator is operating to a plan to fill a bus with his own progency, so creating the world’s largest school-run vehicle.

We soon get to know the secret of what some may consider Mr Redman’s success. We hear from one of his former partners:

 “Michael uses his job as a bus driver to meet women. He will strike up conversation and then take it from there. He is charismatic and charming.”

In the seconds it takes to flash a bus pass or reveal ‘This is your stop’, Mr Redman has seduced a woman. Who knew a bus driver could work so fast?

The woman adds:

“He tells you what you want to hear.”

All I want to hear from a bus driver is him telling me he’s going to miss all the stops save one because he’s going to drop me right outside my home.

We then hear from one of this children:

“I really don’t know what the women see in him. He is not a good-looking guy at all. He has the gift of the gab — but he is definitely not your typical womaniser.”

But worse than that:

“One of my biggest fears is that my daughter could one day start dating one of her half-brothers without knowing it. I always tell her to check their family background, as it could be a family member. I was in labour with my son years later — when he was not the father — and he and another woman were in the maternity ward having a child.”

Typical. You wait ages and then two come along at once…


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