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Local News Watch: The Peterborough Telegraph Reviews Pizza Express

by | 19th, September 2014



LOCAL News Watch looks at a restaurant review in the Peterborough Telegraph:

Pizza Express has been based in Cathedral Square for a fair few years and though I’ve walked past it close to a hundred times, I’ve never ventured in – until now.

Holly Aston, 17, is at dinner with her mum. She embarks on a review that is devoid of the self-aggrandizing balls the the usual food critics churn out.

Highlights are

For the starter we ordered garlic bread with mozzarella and we were delighted when it arrived. It was one round piece of bread covered in cheese.

Still sticking to the sharing plan, we cut it in half and the cheese oozed onto the plate. It was a delicious starter, however the garlic was slightly lacking.

One thing about this restaurant that I really do like is that you can see the food being prepared and it being put in the ovens. This gives a real sense of freshness about it, knowing it has been made whilst you’re waiting, not just reheated or served pre-made.

(The dough is frozen.)

My first reaction when they put it down on the table was ‘wow’ as it look perfectly cooked and quite big in size…

We started eating and it tasted absolutely amazing, apart from the amount of tomato on the base. When taking a bite, it was overpowering which after eating half of it, got too much for us, so we both had to scrape some of it off. Apart from that it was divine.


We delved in, mum starting with the ice cream which she described as “creamy and delicious” and I started with the strawberry, then the cake. The topping was rich and smooth, which counterbalanced the sponge perfectly. If the cake and the topping were rich, it would have left a very sickly tang in your mouth.


7 out of 10

You can read it all here.


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