Anorak News | Mario Balotelli Bombarded With Racist Abuse After ‘LOL’ Man United Tweet

Mario Balotelli Bombarded With Racist Abuse After ‘LOL’ Man United Tweet

by | 21st, September 2014


NOW at Liverpool and once of Manchester City, Mario Balotelli tweeted a ‘LOL’ in response toManchester United’s spectacular collapse against Leicester City. Of course, Balotelli’s big-spending Liverpool were only yesterday beaten by West Ham United. So. Manchester United players are free to ‘LOL’ right back at him.

But then Balotelli’s Twitter feed attracted a blitzkerig of abuse.


Incidentally, this Craig Sainsbury character refers to himself as a “freelance journalist” in his bio. After being called out by many Twitter users over his particularly hideous comment, Sainsbury attempted to apologise – claiming that he was already angry and that Balotelli’s “LOL” tipped him over the edge.

He has since deleted his account, but not before many Twitter users reported him to the police.

Would you report an idiot to the police for, well, behaving like an idiot in public?

The racism is shocking because such speech is thankfully rare these days. But the police don’t follow up on every repugnant tweet. They pick the ones that make them look good, in-touch and moralistic.

These tweeters are pillocks. But you should think twice about becoming a police nark. I’d rather trust the public to sort it out.

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