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Is This The Most Perfect Job In The World Or What?

by | 23rd, September 2014



WELL, might depend upon what your specific tastes were (it’s not going to all that attractive to a gay bloke for example) but being the mystery shopper for brothels would certainly appeal to some. Yes, that’s right: people pay this bloke (and pay his fees as well, of course) to visit prostitutes and have sex with them.

A Sydney taxi driver claimed he is paid by local councils to buy sex at brothels and then write reports on his experiences, it was reported on Sunday.

The former taxi driver was hired as a “brothel buster investigator” three years ago and has since visited dozens of establishments, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

The father-of-two is paid by local authorities who then use his evidence to help expose local prostitution rings.

Worth noting that prostitution is legal in Oz: but that doesn’t mean that everyone doing it is doing it legally of course. There’s always the possibility that women are being forced into it and so on: thus the need for someone to do the trading officers visits. But while it’s legal it would still be a bit beyond the call of duty to insist that the local council officers had to do the go have sex bit of the investigations. So, thus the hiring it out to this bloke.

There’s an old literary example of this: one character in Decline and Fall gets a job going around the local pubs tasting the beer on behalf of the brewery. To make sure it’s being properly kept. He thinks it’s absolutely great as a job: think he comes to a sticky end though as he walks under a tram while drunk at one point.

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