Anorak News | Ed Miliband Wonders If You Think He’s An Unelectable Spod Because He’s a Jew

Ed Miliband Wonders If You Think He’s An Unelectable Spod Because He’s a Jew

by | 26th, September 2014

If the cap(le) fits

If the cap(le) fits

DO you think Ed Miliband is bit of a weirdo because he’s a Jew? Rachel Sylvester writes in the Times:

Privately, he suspects that anti-semitism may be behind some of the hostility towards him – he talks about how as the child of Jewish immigrants, he cannot say his family has “sat under the same oak tree for 500 years”. The sense that he is an “outsider” may, he believes explain in part the descriptions by some people of him as “weird”.

Privately? Does he do anything privately?

James Kirkup:

…on reflection, I thought that perception counts for a lot here: if Mr Miliband feels like he’s the victim of anti-semitism, who am I to tell him he’s wrong? More than a few people have argued persuasively of late that anti-Semitism is on the rise in Britain and elsewhere. The last time we had a Jewish leader of the opposition, Michael Howard, I don’t recall any debate at all about his Jewishness. And while more than a few people disliked him, I can’t remember any suggestion faith played a part.

It did.

In 2005, Miliband’s own Labout Party dolled up the Tory Party’s Jewish Leader Michael Howard like this:


It was remarkable that no-one at Labour Party HQ thought that picture a bit hackneyed; a little Nazi-esque.

But the answer to Miliband’s power is: of course some people don’t like you becasue you’re a Jew. But if he wants to worry how bigots vote, he’s an even bigger pillock that many Jews and non-Jews think he is.

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