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How much are Asda’s £1 bananas worth?

by | 3rd, October 2014

WHEN shopping, deals are not always what they seem. Supermarkets are well known for artificially hiking prices, just so they can knock some money off with a big sale sticker, even though the item is slightly more expensive than it was before the prices up.

And so, to Asda. Have you seen them selling a bunch of bananas for a quid? Seems reasonable doesn’t it?

Well, a clever sod called Alan Hudson from Tyne & Wear decided to get the £1 bananas and stick them on the scale at the self-scan checkout. And what did he find?

They were only worth 54p.

Alan said: “It’s disgusting really. There are millions of people living on the poverty line, trying to reduce the cost of their shopping as much as possible and looking out for bargains.”

“That bag had a bright red sticker on it, saying they were a pound. It makes it look like a bargain, when in fact you’re getting ripped off by nearly half.”

“I’m definitely going to be reconsidering my shopping habits, and I hope others do too. I do like bananas, but I’m going to think twice about where I buy them from.”

Asda defended themselves through a spokesperson who said: “The majority of bananas we sell are loose which require a little bit of ripening at home and are price locked at 68p per kilo.”

“Our pre-packed bananas are stored for a little longer and have already been ripened so they’re perfect to eat as soon as you’ve bought them, they are then pre packed by hand, which is why they’re slightly more expensive.

“We clearly label the prices in store, so customers can choose which product is best for them.”

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