Anorak News | Omar Gonzalez Took A Small Knife To A White House Gun Fight

Omar Gonzalez Took A Small Knife To A White House Gun Fight

by | 3rd, October 2014

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TIME for the White Hosue to hire bigger bouncers:

A man who jumped the White House fence allegedly knocked over a female officer at the mansion’s double doors before he dashed into the ornate East Room.

An inquiry continues into how Omar Gonzalez, 42, made it into the White House. Investigators are looking through an elaborate closed-circuit video system showing the entire incident, a Secret Service source told CNN.

Authorities said the Iraq war veteran had a knife in his pocket when he ran into the White House, where he was later subdued after a wild chase.

The officer he met at the doorway got up, chased him and tackled him just outside the East Room, a source said.

However, the fact that it was a female officer had nothing to do with the breach, according to the source.

“Gender was not a factor, she got one door secured but was pushed over while trying to get the second door shut,” the source said.

But size might be.

But what about the weapon?

So the cast of the Today show this morning was still gawping and emoting about the armed intruder who vaulted the fence around the Lightbringer’s manse and perpetrated lèse-majesté all over the carpet.

He was never the “intruder”, always the “armed intruder” and I wondered to myself “If he was armed, why didn’t he use his weapon on either of the White House cops he tussled with?” and then they showed a picture of his weapon…

A Spyderco pocket knife… “He’s from Texas, honey,” I yelled at the television, startling the cats, “That’s not ‘armed’, that’s ‘dressed’, you island-dwelling herbivore!

He took a knife to a gun fight…

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