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Madeleine McCann: Brenda Leyland Was Driven To Her Death By An Intolerant Mob

by | 6th, October 2014

BRENDA Leyland appears on the front page of  the Daily Mirror. The self-billed “intelligent tabloid” begins the woman’s obituary by calling her the “McCANN TROLL”.


brenda leyland


A woman who was charged with no cime, who had no criminal record, is dead. Her alleged offence was to have posted messages online that said nasty things about the parents of Madeleine McCann. You’ll recall that many newspapers did worse, libelling the McCanns. But not one newspaper led with a photograph of the writer who penned the criminal words nor editor who approved them. They were never called “TROLLS”.  They were not doorstepped by a TV news reporter.

Can you name any of the journalists, nay ‘trolls’, who monstered Chris Jeffries?

The Sunday Mirror’s Lori Cambell alerted police to Robert Murat’s behaviour, she saw as “creepy”. She told the police. But why did she tell the world? Mr Murat, the poor sod wrongly linked to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, was monstered and libelled. But was Campbell or her editor doorstepped on the TV news, as Brenada Leyland was?

Only the powerless get the full monstering.

Of course, the so-called trolls say things that the sane should agree are awful. Not all should escape censure. But most can be ignored. Getting into a debate with them is like engaging the man who shouts at piegeons in the precinct in a conversation about why he does what he does.

Only a censorious fool would demand the police arrest them and that they be dragged before the Beak.

As for the troll hunters who seek out they who say nasty things online, shame on you. Not only are you police narks who demand the coppers investigate someone who says thing you disapprove of, but you grandstand your own intolerance.

If you are being threatend by a loon online – someone whow says they want to rape you and murder your kids – then go to the police. You don’t need troll hunters to complain on your behalf. Because those same troll hunters are just as likely to demand police act on someone they see as saying the unsaybable. It’s a selective process to quieten anyone who goes contrary to their own prejudices.

The twitter hunters are as sad as the no-marks who took the story of a missing innocent child and made it into a game of pro and anti-McCann sniping.

Brenda Leyland was monstered on twitter and billed as a “twisted, fecked up bitch” by a Mirror columnist.

That is an outrage.


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