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Brenda Leyland: She Might Have Been A Tabloid Columnist

by | 6th, October 2014



THE death of Brenda Leyland is now a matter of education. The BBC consults an expert:

Dr Arthur Cassidy, a psychologist who specialises in social media, said Mrs Leyland appeared to have a middle class upbringing which was unusual in trolling.

Not if you work for the Daily Mail, it isn’t. But go on:

He said: “In this particular case, her whole repertoire of trolling is slightly different from those of well-seasoned trolls because of her uniqueness and the way she has done this. It would signify to me that she has been quite a novice at this.”

In other words, she was a soft target for Sky News to doorstep on the telly and for the mainsteram media to call a “bitch“.

Dr Cassidy said typically, trolls sought and enjoyed a response from their victims but that did not appear to have been the case here.

Well, the parents of missing Madeleine McCann, who were the subject of Mrs Leyland’s allegedly offending tweets, say they don’t read about themselves online.

And if you want a tweet that raises an emotion, here’s one from Mrs Leyeland’s son:

“I love you mum and I will miss you forever.”

Sad news.


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