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Peter Thiel: Competition Is Bad And America Is Slow

by | 6th, October 2014


PETER Thiel has written a book, Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future by Peter Thiel and Blake Masters. Peter Thiel is worth $2.2 billion. He co-founded PayPal. He ploughed a big chunk of the millions he earned for its sale to eBay inyo a site called Facebook.

Peter Thiel is 46 but looks about 37.

The book is based on notes from a course on high-tech start-ups that he used to teach at Stanford University. The notes were posted online by one of his students and quickly downloaded by 300,000 readers.

He tells the Times:

“Some of the things I’ve done people think are very extreme… What I find strange is always the complacency that we have instead, where we’re accepting the way things are…”

“You know, in the US you had the Manhattan Project, you got an atomic bomb in three and a half years. You had Apollo [and people on the Moon] in the 1960s. And now you cannot build a website for the Affordable Care Act…”

“The way we’re trained and educated involves outperforming people in all these competitive contexts and so we come to think of competition as being a proxy for value. So the more intense the competition is, the more valuable something must be, sort of like in the former Soviet Union — if there was a long line of people you would get in line with no idea what you were queueing for.’’

Conmpetition is bad…

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