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Sadie Frost ‘s Tips For Absorbing Wine And Negative Energy

by | 10th, October 2014



TABLOID headline of the week arrived via the Daily Mail:

Jude Law steps out in ripped joggers as his ex-wife Sadie Frost reveals she sprinkles a line of salt across her doorways to ‘absorb negative energy’

Ripped joggers, it turns out, are not shredded middle-aged men in lycra, rather cloth trousers.The second part of the headline is that Sadie Frost has new guru-guide book out. The Times reveals Frost

“I slowly open my eyes. I start by engaging with pranyama and a light meditation along with some of my favourite mantras, such as ‘I love and support myself.’ ”


..she advises how to break up stagnant or blocked energy in your home (walk around chanting, singing and/or banging a gong) and why sprinkling a line of salt across doorways is a good idea (“Leave for 24 hours, by which time it should have absorbed all the negativity.”)

And wine. It’s really good at absorbing red wine…

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