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Things Douglas Carswell Compares The Conservative Party To

by | 12th, October 2014



UKIP MP, turncoat and man of Clacton Douglas Carswell likes comparing the Conservative Party to things.

HMV. No – ho-ho – not HIV. The UKippers’ leader Nigel Farage wants AIDs sufferers banned from the UK.  This is another version of His Master’s Voice, the old record shop chain:

“To use a metaphor, I think it’s a bit like HMV, once ubiquitous when it came to buying music. The way the Tory party is retailing politics is like the way HMV retailed music. It’s a defunct retail model.”


“I argued that we need to Spotify politics, to make the Conservative party a bit more like Spotify.”

Aldi Man:

“For years and years and years, like monopolistic businesses, they assumed the customers had nowhere else to go. Then Ukip came along. or years and years they assumed that their own party had nowhere else to go. Well, guess what, guys, they do.”


“…taking on the vested interests and giving the customer better choice…Ukip, far from being an angry reaction against modernity, is an expression of modernity. I’d better be careful because I don’t want to lose the taxi cab vote in Clacton.”

What is UKIP like..?

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