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Liverpool Balls: British Media Continues To Monster Luis Suarez

by | 15th, October 2014

THE Daily Mirror leads with new that Luis Suarez has “twisted the knife” into Liverpool FC.


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Is that really what Suarez did? Is he that hideous? Is he that heartless?

Luis Suarez claims Liverpool would not have made a title bid last season and booked a Champions League place without him.

He’s makes a sound point. He scored 31 Premier League goals. He was sensational.

The Uruguay striker, who defected to Barcelona this summer, twisted the knife ahead of his club return from a four-month ban for biting Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini at the World Cup.

Accordiong to the Mirror, a former Liverpool player who played well for Liverpool is twisting the knife by saying he played well for Liverpool?

What he said was:

“I really could leave happy because if I hadn’t had the attitude and mentality to lead the team, I don’t think Liverpool would have done as well as they did. Getting back into the Champions League was another target I had in mind. Personal success is always welcome and makes you happy, because that’s recognition of the good work you have done. But I put the team ahead of that and last season Liverpool came so close to winning the Premier League, which would have been spectacular.

I appreciate all the work the team did. But I missed six matches and scored all those goals in the Premier League without being the penalty-taker.”

That part in the Mirror about Suarez saying  it was “ALL” him is not what he said.

Suarez was quoted in Barcelona’s club magazine.

He had more to see in another magazine:

“The Liverpool fans and the city itself will both always be with me in my heart [but] I won’t miss the media.”

Can’t blame him, can you..?

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