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Judy Finnigan And Free Speech Trolls: Ched Evans Didn’t Rape On Twitter

by | 15th, October 2014

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MORE media balls now as the Sun declares that “TV Judy and daughter Chloe” are in a “rape threat hell”.

Judy is Judy Finnigan, who kicked off her perch on ITV’s Loose Women with a view on Ched Evans, the convicted rapist and erstwhile professional footballer. Finnigan said Evans deserved a life after prison, even if that included being a footballer.

Cue the illiberal voices calling for her to be attacked.

The Sun reports:

JUDY Finnigan and daughter Chloe Madeley have been hit by vile rape threats after the Loose Women star sparked a storm with comments on sex-attack footballer Ched Evans.

Can you have anything other than ‘vile’ rape threats? Well, yes. You can. You see, if you’re someone the tabloids and troll hunters don’t like, rape threats are fine. Emma West was the mentally unwell woman guilty of racist abuse, who Twitter hunters wanted raped and murdered.

Did the police get involved?


Was these threats billed a ‘vile’ in the media?


The Twitter hunters wanted Josie Cunnigham shot. No action was taken againt them.

Free Speech, it turns out, is only free on Twitter if the illiberal mob agree that their target is fair game and won’t snitch on you.

The troll hungers on Twitter wanted Luis Suarez’s wife and children raped.

Were any of these dickheads arrested? No. Did any of these people who might be shouting at pigeons in the precinct were it not for Twitter get their name made public as ‘evil trolls’? Were they doorstepped by Sky News on live TV? No.


The Sun adds:

Judy’s hubby Richard Madeley, 58, vowed that Twitter trolls who targeted her would be probed by cops – as he revealed other Twitter users had backed her. He later retweeted a message from Clive D Anderson, who claimed to be a policeman and had written: “They think they’re safe on here – wrong! I’m a cop and they will be found.”

They will be found. Like Lord Lucan, the Yorkshire Ripper or Jihadi John.

Chloe, 27, told of her vile abuse as she tweeted: “To the trolls wishing rape on me, stop. You are utterly pathetic.”

Well, yeah. It is pathetic.

PS: just like the Mirror, the Sun opts for a photo of Judy Finnigan not looking her best.



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