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From The Street: The Art Of Turning Everyday Rubbish Into Moments In Time

by | 19th, October 2014

Tom Pfannerstill’From the Street makes art look like litter, which might be artful. One day musuems will be full of perfectly formed bottles, packets and jars humanity once bought. They will show how the items were sold. They won’t show what happened once they left the store, were used and used up.

kfc bucket

Pfannerstill explains it:

The works in the series “From the Street” are carefully crafted, carved and painted, trompe l’oeil depictions of everyday common objects. On the back of each piece is a description of where and when I found this ‘gift from the street’ and so, they provide a record that mirrors my movements through time and space…

Each of these objects was at one time a near-perfect clone of millions of others of it’s type. It was designed and manufactured to exacting standards. By the time I find it, it has become a tiny study of opposing forces. Mechanical geometric precision is altered by organic twists, bends and folds… I choose my subjects for a wide variety of reasons, but often because of their sheer commonality. I like the fact that viewers know and recognize these images– they are some of the most famous, heavily promoted brands…

The objects as art are created by acrylic and/or enamel on carved basswood. They are brilliant:


tide notepad CocaCola camel lights bud animal crackers oil blue ribband


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