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Catwalk Pop: Models who sashayed to the microphone

by | 22nd, October 2014

Burberry Prorsum Catwalk - London Fashion Week 2013


THE news today is that supermodel Cara Delevingne has hired Pharrell Williams to give her what she needs as she makes her musical bow.

A source told The super soaraway Sun: “They’re going to release the song without warning, complete with video and global launch. They seem to have formed a great little writing collective and apparently it’s a huge song.”

No-one should underestimate Pharrell as he’s responsible for a sickening amount of brilliant pop and R&B records, not least his own fantastically successful ‘Happy’ which took over the universe.

Last year, Delevingne was in a photoshoot with Pharrell for Vogue and she said: “I was so excited about working with him, he inspires me so much. I went on tour with Rihanna recently and Blurred Lines was blasted from the bus to get everyone singing.”

At the 2014 Brit Awards, Williams was very nice about Cara too: “I think what people should probably focus in on, versus these specific projects, is on her, her spirit. And what she’s up to next. Trust me. Because the films only get better, the parts only get bigger, the music only gets better, the modelling only gets better. But the spirit is becoming refined. She’s becoming refined, so it’s another chapter in her life.”

Of course, she’s not the only model who has tried her hand at the pop charts, so with that, let us look at the history of those who have gone beyond the stylists and into the studio.



When Twiggy said: “You can’t be a clothes hanger for your entire life!” and stepped away from modelling, she went onto to act and sing. She released a whole bunch of records, including the sweetly clunky girlgroup pop of ‘Over & Over’. Her last LP was in 2011, entitled ‘Romantically Yours’.


Tyra Banks

Working with the R&B genius Darkchild, Tyra cut the Destiny’s Child-esque ‘Shake Ya Body’, which should be huge, but hey, pop is a fickle business.


Grace Jones

Perhaps the most successful of all models who have gone pop, Grace Jones has cut all manner of brilliant records and has created some of the most dazzling pop spectacles in history. Check out her hula-hoop skills or her corrugated iron dress which she played with thimbles. You heard.


Carla Bruni

When she’s not being the first lady of France, Bruni is being a brilliant model and the singer of surprisingly tasteful adult-pop. Is there no end to her talents?


Kate Moss

Kate Moss is a woman drawn to rock ‘n’ roll, so it isn’t a surprise to learn that she provided the female vocals on Primal Scream’s cover of Lee and Nancy’s ‘Some Velvet Morning’.


Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell is one of the most important and brilliant models of all-time, but she’s not so hot on the mic. In the ’90s, she cut ‘Love and Tears’, which sounds like a Madonna offcut, but lacking attack and detachment… and you need at least one for a record like this. Still, she’s Naomi Campbell – she can do what she wants.


Agyness Deyn

Deyn was on just about every third page of any magazine for a period, but less well remembered is her time singing with a band called Five O’Clock Heroes. A new wave revival band, Agyness’ vocals aren’t at all bad and, in fact, liven up what would’ve been a pretty stodgy dadrock record without her.


Karen Elson

Noughties supermodel Karen Elson cut a record which was rather well received by musos, thanks in part to being a rather capable singer/songwriter and, of course, helped by her then husband, Jack White.


Milla Jovovich

Milla has been releasing music for some years now, kicking things off with her 1994 debut ‘The Divine Comedy’. She’s contributed to a number of soundtracks too. Check this video for some super painful ’90s American college rock leanings. Still, she’s not bad, if the music is dated.



The Velvet Underground teamed up with ice-maiden model, Nico and they both propelled each other to stardom. At some point, Nico ended up living in Prestwich near Salford. Insane.

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