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French Opera Fascists Refuse To Sing For Woman In Niqab

by | 21st, October 2014



TO Paris, where a woman on holiday form The Gulf has been ordered to remove her niqab or else be ejected from the Bastille opera house.

During the second act of La Traviata, members of the cast spotted the “Muslim veil” and stopped singin. They would begin again when the woman removed it.

The Times:

The spectator, from the Gulf, was in one of the most expensive seats in the front row of the stalls, just behind the conductor, with her head and face fully shrouded by a niqab.

“They alerted me in the second act,” Jean-Philippe Thiellay, the deputy director of the opera, said. “Some chorus members indicated that they did not want to sing.”

Mr Thiellay said that the unidentified woman was told that she was breaking French law, which since 2010 has prohibited the covering of the face in public spaces. Offenders are liable to a fine of up to €150 (£119).

“It is never very pleasant to ask someone to leave the theatre, which is governed in principle by openness and understanding,” he said. “But in this case there was ignorance of the law and either that lady obeyed it or she had to leave.”

What did she do?

She left. And her two companions left with her.

Anyone sane should have got up and followed her lead.

The woman has been tossed out on the street because the artists didn’t like her clothes. What snobby, snotty scumbags. The right-on seculists have been offended by the religious. They will not tolerate it. So. her freedom to express herself must be stopped lest it offend their freedom to be offended. The progressive opera singers are so upset by this woman in the veil they can’t even sing. It’s a wonder these fascists can speak in the face of such terrible otherness.

The French have so litle idea of what it is they stand for they refuse to entertain a woman who has paid her money because she is wearing soemthing they consider to be un-French.

The age of Enlightenment is at its end. Paris is a city trapped in the past, a living musuem where the authoritarian hold sway in the name of liberety.

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