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Gilbert The Gull Brings Shame On Torquay And The Football Mascot Community

by | 25th, October 2014


Gilbert The Gull is Torquay United‘s mascot. The Torquay Herald Express reports that Hilbert enjoyed / endured “a clash with fans and some choice words not befitting a friendly Gull being exchanged”.

Gulls are bin-raiding, shrieking, bullies. We’d argue that Gilbert was in character.

Torquay’s chief executive Andrew Candy (Andy Candy!) tells the paper:

“There was an exchange of views between Gilbert and the fans in the Popside. Gilbert was trying to generate some support and get the fans behind the team but it appears that there was a small altercation with the fans. There was no malicious intent in what was said but things were said that, in hindsight, should not have been. Gilbert has been spoken to and been told that this should not have happened and that this will not happen in the future.”

The fans allege:

We all thought he was having a laugh, but then he called us a bunch of “c****” and after a few words exchanged he waddled off back to the Family Stand. At the end of the game, Gilbert came over again and in front of us on the pitch, he gave the “come on then” body language towards us and wouldn’t stop until hiding behind the stewards and again waddling off as we moved towards the exits.


To compound, Gilbert’s miserable day, Torquay lost 3-2 to Grimsby Town, that’s the club which gave us the wonderful headline:

Grimsby Town mascot Mighty Mariner (above) and his wife celebrate the birth of their first child

‘Sponge’ Bob is doing well…

Gilbert is duly added to the role of shame.

The hero mascots are here.

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