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Conformists Get A Tattoo: Rebels Get A Burqa, Hassidic Hat And Tie

by | 27th, October 2014



THE Sun has news of the tattooed mum from Bournemouth, Dorset, who was “horrified in Marks & Spencer when a shop worker called her tattoos disgusting”.

Natasha Henson, 35, tells one and all:

“I was approaching the till when a shopper ‘tutted’ at me and made a comment about my tattoos. I mentioned it to the lady on the till and she replied, ‘I’m not surprised she tutted. Why on earth would you want to mutilate and disfigure yourself?”

The paper says “horrified” Natasha received an apology. And the worker who dared to comment when apparently invited to do so has left her job becsause, reportedly, she faced disciplinary action.

It’s all a  bit sad, no? Tattoos are no longer a sign of rebellion, but of conformity.  The shock is not that Mrs Henson has tattoos on her hand, arms and neck, but that they could still get a reaction. Few people disapprove of tattoos nowadays. Tattoos are less controversial than wearing a shirt, tie and highly polished shoes to work.

If you want to look like an outlaw or a member of a sub-culture and get a reaction pull a burqua or Hassidic Jew’s hat on. They ban those clothes in France.

Tattoos are for lightweights.

Might it be that the heavily tattooed are seeking to be judged (real or imagined). They might cheer that tattoos, once the preserve of the criminal and edgy and now sported by everyone from coppers to BBC staff, The Prime Minister’s wife  and school-run mums, are still viewed with suspicion in a branch of M&S.

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