Anorak News | Watch the NASA’s Antares Rocket Blow-Up From Loads of Angles!

Watch the NASA’s Antares Rocket Blow-Up From Loads of Angles!

by | 30th, October 2014



THERE’S something in the human psyche that loves seeing things blow-up. Explosions are even better when there’s no casualties, because you can just enjoy the show without wanting to vomit with the weight of it all.

Yesterday, NASA launched the unmanned Orbital Sciences Corp Antares rocket as part of a $1.9billion contract, however, it didn’t make it out of the atmosphere as it turned into a huge molten fireball seven seconds above the ground, before crashing back into the earth, blowing up everywhere.

The rocket was meant to be heading to the International Space Station and carrying a Cygnus spacecraft packed with 5,055 pounds of essential supplies, science experiments and top-secret equipment.

The cause of the accident is under investigation and there have been no reported injuries.

Of course, this being 2014, the internet was quick to share the explosion, which you can see below in three different, but fascinating angles. Thanks to a lack of injury to anyone, grab the popcorn and enjoy the pyrotechnics.


NASA’s own footage


From the press office


From a plane

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