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Matthew Williams: The Argoed ‘Cannibal’ Was On State-Supplied Drugs

by | 8th, November 2014

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MATTHEW Williams news watch: a look at reporting on the man caught chewing the face of his dead victim Cerys Yemm at the Sirhowy Arms Hotel in Argoed, South Wales.

The Sun:

CANNIBAL killer Matthew Williams bit off part of his victim’s face after taking a huge cocktail of mind-bending drugs, a friend revealed. Boozed-up Williams, 34, smoked cannabis and took prescription drugs before injecting miaow-miaow shortly before mauling Cerys Yemm.

He pretty much took anything he could get his hands on, by the sound of it. But how did a man in a bail hostel get a woman into his room and so many drugs (he’d been released from a prison term for attacking his girlfreind?)

Convicted thug Williams, who was released from prison just weeks earlier, told pals he was hearing voices and hallucinating before savaging the 22-year-old in his hotel room.

One witness said: “Williams had just met Cerys and we all went to a friend’s house for the evening. He had an ounce of miaow-miaow on him and at some stage he injected himself… He was also taking large quantities of prescription beta-blockers given to him to help overcome his drugs habit when he was released from jail.

They didn’t work, then.

The Sun want to focus on the Meow-Meow, or M-Cat. But what about the drugs the State supplied Williams with? The NHS tells us:

You may experience side effects while taking beta-blockers, including:
blurred vision
cold hands and feet
slow heartbeat
diarrhoea and nausea
Less common side effects include:
insomnia (sleep disturbance)
loss of libido (sex drive)

Back to the Sun:

“He seemed ok but he said he’d been hearing voices and seeing things like they were in a negative photo.”

Violent man off his face on drugs is at alrge in a small Welsh town.

The friend said Williams and Cerys, who took no drugs, left the home together to head to the Sirhowy Arms Hotel in Argoed, South Wales, where Williams said he would call her a taxi. But he enticed the Next shop worker into his room at the hotel, which operates as a bail hostel, and attacked her.

Security staff burst in after hearing her screams to see Williams chrewing Cerys’ face in a “Hannibal Lecter” style frenzy. A lone woman cop zapped Williams with a Taser after finding him crouched over Cerys’s bloodied body.

One police officer. A woman on her own went to the scene of a known violent criminal. But what of the security guards?

A post-mortem is to be carried out to try to establish if the Taser shock killed Williams, or if there were other factors.

Well, he died after being hit with 50,000 volts of justice.

The Telegraph says that more than one officer was there:

He was tasered by police after officers arrived at his hotel room on Wednesday night, after the alarm was raised by staff. He died within minutes of being arrested.

The Indy:

The Welsh Probation Service is understood to have promised a review of its handling of Williams as it emerged he had been released from prison just two weeks ago. He had been halfway through a five-year jail sentence for an assault on a former girlfriend…

Gwent Police said they were treating Ms Yemm’s death at the former Sirhowy Arms Hotel, a homeless hostel in Argoed, Blackwood, South Wales, on Thursday, as murder and were not looking for anyone else.

They refused to comment publicly on claims of cannibalism on the part of the killer but sources confirmed the victim had suffered substantial facial injuries. A spokesman said: “Our officers who attended the incident yesterday are being fully supported by our force occupational health department.”

But what about the non-uniformed traumatised?

Ryan Wilkins, a friend of Miss Yemm’s, said he hoped both Williams and those who took the decision to allow him back into society would “rot him hell”.
He posted on Facebook: “This poor girls life taken so early because of their criminal decision to let him out! This country’s justice system is a f—— joke!”
Emma Thomas, 38, a former girlfriend of Williams, said she was under court protection from him. The police “had a lot to answer for” following Miss Yemm’s death because they could have “protected that young girl”, she added.

The Star hears:

Last night Williams’s ex-girfriend Emma Thomas, 38, said: “My heart goes out to that poor girl and her family. It’s just awful.” The mum of two, who was still under police protection, added: “I can’t believe it has happened. It is the police’s fault because they could have protected that young girl.”

The South Wales Evening Post:

He had not been subject to a Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangement which is used to manage violent offenders when they are freed.

Williams had served his entire sentence before being freed.

He had previously been released from prison after serving half of his sentence but he was sent back to jail after breaching the conditions of his licence.

A Ministry of Justice spokesman said: “If a further offence is committed within a 30 day period from the sentence end date, a serious further offence review will take place.”

Matthew Williams is dead.


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