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X Factor: Stereo Kicks James Graham, Aborted Lover Molly And The Top Man Baby Range

by | 9th, November 2014

Whose the daddy?


IN “X Factor rat got me pregnant at 16 and ditched me”, the Sun leads with “X FACTOR boyband star James Graham” and one Molly Ranger, whom he “begged to have an abortion”.

For those of you watching the X-Fator in cinemascope, James Graham, 18, is one of eight singers in the Stero Kicks. Like you we thought the Stereo Kicks were an advert for Top Man’s range from spring 2012. But they are in actual fact the X Factar’s foray into male voice choirs, aiming to plug the gap between the Vienna Boys Choir and Treorchy Male Choir with voices that wander between pre-pubescent highs and aged lows often in a single note.

The story goes that James “begged Molly Ranger to have an abortion to save his dream of being a star”.

James was 17, when he and Molly met on Twiter. He was already on the show, and Molly liked the look of the one third of fourth form the left.

He and Molly kept in touch through the opening X Factor rounds and arranged to meet at a Premier Inn in Springfield, Chelmsford, Essex, on September 10.

Molly revealed: “He was broke so I paid for my own train fare and booked the hotel. I was there at about 3pm and he knocked on the door a few hours later. I like Hollyoaks so we watched that then had sex through the night. I asked him to wear a condom but he refused.”

This is modern love story becuse “Molly told how she sent the singer a text telling him she was pregnant.”

He replied: “What????????? Are you serious Molly? I’m with you through this baby? We deal with it and get rid of it and stay together and get stronger!! You dump me over this and I will flip!!!!I love you! But could you keep this like to yourself like don’t tell anyone cos if it comes out in the papers my career is over.”

What a cad, eh. That big about him loving her and for her to “stay stong”. What an uter swine.

Molly told The Sun on Sunday: “It was like he didn’t care. When we finally spoke, James said to me “abortion, abortion”.

He went into full Dalek mode.

Not long after, Ranger sufered a miscarriage.

But as she lay in a hospital bed James ignored her pleas for support. She said: “I just cannot believe how cold and evil he has been.”

Good on you, Molly, for using the story of your non-abortion and miscarriage to prove it.

He texted: “The whole you getting you know what… Thing f****d me up I panicked and if I’m being honest I haven’t recovered from the fact you were gonna keep it and I dunno how I could forget that… Cos it would have stopped my career before it even started like.”

Molly — who still held hopes for a relationship with James…

Good luck with that, Molly…



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