Anorak News | Paedo-Panic: Puxton Park Would Have Let Jimmy Savile Watch The Birds

Paedo-Panic: Puxton Park Would Have Let Jimmy Savile Watch The Birds

by | 12th, November 2014

CAROLE Mideley has few sane words about the paedo panic. Last week a man was banned from Puxton Park park for being an adult male unaccompanied by a child:

We can be bawled out by security for filming our own toddler in a ballpool (legally you can photograph anyone in a public place, but on private property it is at the management’s discretion), yet serial child sex abusers ran rampant in places like Rotherham undisturbed. What seems to matter is being seen to be vigilant, even if it does amount to a hill of beans. Julie Spence, former chief constable of Cambridgeshire, recently said the force spent more on CRB checks than they did on real child protection, ie, tracking actual sex offenders. About 3.9 million such checks were carried out last year. Most will be vital, of course, but 843,000 of those were on volunteers offering to help with school trips, discos or reading. A friend recently volunteered as a helper at her son’s school but was told she hadn’t been “trained”. What they probably meant but were too polite to say was that she hadn’t been vetted for a paedo past. Worth remembering, meanwhile, that a CRB-type check would have picked up nothing amiss with Jimmy Savile.

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