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UK Crowdfunding Project Will Bury Your Hair On The Moon

by | 19th, November 2014

SHAKE the tin and they will come:

A British-led consortium has outlined its plans to land a robotic probe on the Moon in 10 years’ time. Its aim is to raise £500m for the project from donations by the public. In return, donors would be able to have photos, text and their DNA included in a time capsule which will be buried under the lunar surface…

The project’s long term legacy will be a new way of funding space exploration”

Humanity will be in the moon’s DNA?

For the next four years, funds will be received through contributions from the public, who will be able to buy digital storage space on the lander for their own personal text messages, pictures, music and videos. They will also be able to pay for an immortality of sorts by sending up a strand of their hair, which the project team claim could survive for one billion years.

Pubes… In… Spaaaaaaaace!

The lander will also contain a public digital archive of human history and science which will be compiled as a legacy which will survive even if our species becomes extinct.

Aliens on the moon could recreate mankind from our hair. No wigs. No cheating.


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