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Hacking Football Finally Reveals A Bout Of Old Style Racism

by | 21st, November 2014

MALKY Mackay is now manager of Wigan Athletic. When his private text messages were aired, a few were shown to be offensive, revealing the then Cardiff City manager to be a grade A pillock. As a result of his offensive messages, Mackay lost out on the top job at Crystal Palace.

Punishment was swift.

The Press think the story of his appointment at Wigan is a huge deal:


malky wigan


And with his being football local MP Lisa Nandy waded in. After all,  Malky Makay is “role model”, you know, like MPs, the chap who reads the BBC news, the Strictly Come Dancing hoofers and, well, anyone really. A role model might even be your dad or someone you actually know and deal with day to day, rather than the manager of your favourite football team.



lisa nandy


Having been seen to be pure and senstive to the burning issues, Nandy then reacted to Mackay’s appointment:

“I wrote to the club last week asking them to take fans’ concerns into account and ensure any appointment was consistent with Wigan Athletic’s values. They have assured me that they have done so and I hope this marks the start of a successful next chapter for the club.”

Wigan is run as a private business. It seeks no public funds. Mr Mackay is paid by the club. It’s up to them if they want to give Mackay a job. This letter is the MP is grandstanding on the issues of race and sexism (the messages were racist and sexist). She has cast herself as the protector and upholder of good morals. Football has been politicised.

Nandy should recall how the private messages were made known to the public. Makay had been sacked by Cardiff City owner Vincent Tan.

…Mackay demanded £7.5million compensation — prompting Tan to launch a private investigation into the way transfers were conducted at his club.

That led to top lawyers Mishcon de Reya obtaining a court order to raid Moody’s London home in March, where computers and digital equipment were seized. It was then that the message exchanges with Mackay were unearthed. Shortly afterwards, Mackay dropped his compensation claim and made a thorough public apology for criticising Tan.

Would all MPs like eveyone of their private comments made public? Don’t we let off steam in private, say things we would not say in public? Don’t we all deserve the right ot a private life? Was the outing of Mackays texts a form of hacking?

Of course some people are just openly bigoted.

The Sun reports:

WIGAN chief Dave Whelan has apologised for sparking a new race storm with his astonishing remarks about Jews and Chinese. Whelan was accused of anti-Semitism after claiming: “Jewish people chase money more than everybody else.”

He also insisted it is “nothing” to call a Chinese person a “chink” — drawing fierce criticism from Kick It Out.

You could roll your eyes or sneeze wrong and attract fierce criticism from the shrill and unreasoned Kick It Out.

He said: “I would never insult a Jewish person. I have got hundreds of Jewish friends. I hold them in the highest regard. If anybody takes offence of anything I have said please accept my sincere apology.I would never insult the Chinese. I know Malky insulted them and they get upset a lot more than the English if they call us names. We do not want to ever insult any nation.”

Hundreds of Jewish friends. HUNDREDS!  Is ‘Fat ‘Phil Smith moing them?

The text on Mackays phopne read: “Go on, fat Phil. Nothing like a Jew that sees money slipping through his fingers!!!”

Phil responded:

“It was unnecessary. Agents can be fair game. I understand that. But it’s offensive. In today’s society racism is wholly unacceptable and sport should be no different. It’s part of our society and it should set an example. I don’t know if there was any malice but people have to be more aware and more responsible. As a Jewish person – and with what is going on in Europe at the moment the Jewish community is feeling pretty vulnerable – this kind of thing doesn’t help. We all support anti-racism in sport and now that I have been asked to say something I’m going to take the opportunity. If you want to call me fat, I don’t care. But to say it’s good to see a Jew suffer, that’s not good. I don’t want to be judgmental because I think they have enough problems but this isn’t just football – it’s real life – and there is no place for language like that.”

Back to the Sun:

Whelan had earlier given his version of the comments about agent Phil Smith losing money on a transfer and said: “The Jews don’t like losing money. Nobody likes losing money.”

In an interview with the Guardian, he added: “I think Jewish people do chase money more than everybody else. I don’t think that’s offensive. It’s telling the truth. Jewish people love money, English people love money, we all love money.”

On the subject of “chinks” — a word used in one of the texts — Whelan added: “If any Englishman said he has never called a Chinaman a chink he is lying. There is nothing bad about doing that. It is like calling the Irish paddies.”

One of those hundreds speaks out:

West Ham co-chairman David Gold, who is Jewish, described Whelan’s comments as “offensive”. He added: “I’m saddened by the words. I’m struggling to accept it and there it is in black and white. It’s undeniable. I hope in some way he retracts this.”

Finding a Jew in football is pretty easy. But the Sun scrambles around for a Chinese name. It comes up with one. Phew!

And Jenny Wong, director of the Manchester Chinese Centre, said the word ‘chink’, “is an insult, racist.”

Of course what Whelan said was racist. He singled Jews out. Everyone enjoys having money, he says. But those Jews love it most. When a Jew works hard and gets rewarded with coin, he gets attacked for it.  These Jews don’t ean money. They ‘chase’ it. They don’t work for their moral or spiritual well being. They chase money. The rich Jew is not a sign of success, hard graft and intelligence. He’s a symbol of greed. Mr Whelan may care to aks his HUNDREDS of Jews mates what they think of that.

Maybe the rich Mr Whelan can reflect on this:

Wigan shirt sponsors Premier Range and energy drinks provider iPro ended their contracts with the Championship club over Mackay’s appointment. Premier Range said: “A team that would employ a man who expresses such views is not the kind of team we wish to deal with.”

An iPro spokesman declared: “We have no alternative but to end our relationship with Wigan.”

Whose chasing the money now?


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