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Westminster Child Abuse: Jimmy Savile, Carole Kasir And £20,000

by | 23rd, November 2014

Chasing the Westminster peadophiles story the Express catches up with Haroon Kasir. The paper says he’s “never spoken about Operation Fernbridge”. Operation Fernbridge is the Metropolitan Police’s look into allegations of a paedophile ring with Westminster links operating at Elm Guest House, Barnes. Mr Kasir, 70, and his wife Carole (who died aged 47 from an insulin overdose) owned the guest house in the 1980s, when the alleged abuse is said to have occured.

Speaking from his top-floor flat in a smart town house in Richmond, Surrey, he said: “There is no truth in these allegations whatsoever. It’s complete nonsense. Elm House was just a guest house. There were never any politicians or any parties. That is why there have never been any convictions on anything like that. There is nothing else to add.”

There have been no convictions. There have been no arrests. There has been very little other than claims of politicians as child absuers.

In June 1982, 60 police raided the property after a lengthy undercover operation. The Kasirs were fined £1,000 and given nine-month suspended jail terms after being found guilty of running a disorderly house.

In April,the Mail had more:

We found him living in a shabby block of flats of the kind you don’t imagine exists in the genteel Thames-side suburb of Teddington. Noel Coward was born a couple of streets away, but the tattooed man in a grubby vest did not belong to the same world as the composer of Mad Dogs And Englishmen.

Coward the man of whom the Mail wrote:

Even after Larry’s [Laurence Olivier] marriage to Jill, Coward was clearly still in hot pursuit of Olivier. When the trio went on holiday together, Coward insisted on nude bathing, and on one occasion he pinned down a naked Olivier, trying to shave off his pubic hair, until Jill came to Larry’s rescue and chased Coward off.

The Mail goes on:

David Issett was the epitome of a washed-up pub bruiser. Under a wrinkled dome covered with crew-cut white hair, his eyes were both calculating and evasive. What the f*** did we want, going around asking questions about him and his family, he asked?

Good question. And enough with the personal insults, already:

What we wanted, in fact, was to hear what the unpleasant Issett could tell us about his former lover, a woman called Carole Kasir, and the notorious gay brothel which she once ran in nearby Barnes.

Why is Mr Issett being profiled? The Mail admits that claims are many but facts few:

For several years, a list of alleged ‘VIP’ customers of the guest house has been circulated by child welfare campaigners. Among the names are a number of senior MPs, a high-ranking policeman, a leading tycoon, figures from the National Front and Sinn Fein, an official of the Royal Household, an MI5 officer, two pop stars and the traitorous Soviet spy Anthony Blunt. It is unlikely if we shall ever know for sure how many of these men even went near Rock’s Lane. But certainly one of those identified on the list was Sir Cyril Smith.

Mr Issett is soon quoted:

‘Carole said she had a load of photographs of famous people doing stuff at the gay guest house,’ said Issett. ‘The name I remember is that of the fat man, Cyril Smith. ‘She said she kept them [the photos] in a strong box at the Royal Bank of Scotland branch in Richmond. She was once offered £20,000 for them, but she thought they were worth much more.’

Offered by whom? We are not told.

The facts are thin. And even the most basic fact is open to debate. The Mail says:

Several figures at the centre of these allegations are no longer alive. One of them is Carole Kasir, a diabetic, who died of an insulin overdose aged 48, in 1990.


On Sunday morning, June 17, 1990, Carole Kasir, then 47, was found by a friend, in bed at the Carmichael Road flat. She was dead, with ‘numerous injections and phials of insulin’ lying about her. Two notes, addressed to Issett and indicating suicide, were discovered in the property.

The Mail can’t even agree with itself on the dead woman’s age.

On the site Exaro we learn more:

…Exaro can today reveal disturbing evidence of links between [Jimmy] Savile and Elm Guest House.

Friends of Kasir say that he would boast how Savile used to visit him frequently. But Kasir would also complain friends that Savile later snubbed him.

What friends? Did they know their pal ran a hopuse of ill repute? Did they see any famous faces and children? We;’e not told:

One, who has already talked to detectives on ‘Operation Fernbridge’, told Exaro: “He said that Savile used to come around to his house and drink tea, but now he did not bother with him anymore.”

He drank tea with Savile? Is that it? Princess Diana took tea with Savile, so too Prince Charles.

Kasir complained that Savile cold-shouldered him, and he was bitter about it. The witness recalled one occasion when Kasir reacted angrily after Savile appeared on the television screen.

Pointing to the television, Kasir said: “That bastard! He used to be my best friend and now he will not even have a cup of tea with me.”

The tea. It’s all about the tea. And are we to take it at face value that Mr Kasir and Jimmy Savile were best mates?

Kasir claimed that Savile “once lived in Barnes”, although it is unclear whether the disgraced star really had a home there. Savile was known to have lived in a penthouse flat in Leeds for more than 30 years.

Such are the facts…


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