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Free Speech Dies At Sheffield University: Student Union Bans Eminem

by | 24th, November 2014



You can ban free speech. You can send women to the back. But god help anyone who dare ban Eminem from the UK’s University campuses.

Sheffield University’s union has banned the rapper because they don’t like his lyrics.

The union declares that Steel Press, Sheffield’s student newspaper, must not review Eminem’s latest CD, the Marshall Mathers LP, or his UK tour. Eminem fans are forbidden from wearing the singer’s T-shirts in the student union bar.

At which point anyone and everyone with a ounce of sense cranks the Eminem up to ’11’ and slaps on a homemade Eminem -T-shirt – something that says, ‘This is a public service announcement brought to you in part by Slim Shady – The views and events expressed here are totally shafted”. The student newspaper then dedicates the entire organ to the singer.

Dan Morfitt, of student radio station Sure, says:

“We have really got to go for it to break this ban. Of course we are against homophobia, but we’re all over 18 and are unlikely to be turned into bigots by a couple of lines in a song.”


Jan Webster, editor of Steel Press says:

“Three out of 22,000 students complained. We despise homophobia, but I am worried about political correctness when it becomes an issue of control by a small minority.”

Ban the bigotted three!

What say these student moralisers?

A spokeswoman for Sheffield students’ union, one Andreaz Nowakowski, says:

“Our aim is to create a culture of tolerance, equality and respect for all our members.”

And nothing screams tolerance as loud as banning things.

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