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That Headache Might Be A 4-inch Tapeworm Or 8 Maggots Eating Your Brain

by | 25th, November 2014



That headache might not be a fatal, after all. It could be a 4-inch tapeworm living inside your skull.

Like the 4-inch tapeworm removed from the head of a 50-year-old British man. The 4-inch tapeworm spent four years moving from one side of the man’s brain to the other. It lived by absorbing nutrients.  The tapeworm, you see, has no mouth.

Unlike maggots.

You might recalls Rochele Harris, who brought back maggots in side her head from a trip to Peru. The maggots ate through a hole in her ear-canal. “I was very scared,” she said. “Were they in my brain?” A fly had gotten inside her ear. She’d dug it out. But it had left a gift behind.

She said: “I could still feel them and hear them and knowing what those scratching sounds were, and knowing what that wriggling feeling was, that just made it all the worse.” Surgeons removed eight maggots from her head.

The Guardian says Tapeworm Man picked up his passenger on a trip to China, where around 1,000 cases of worm brand have been recorded since 1882.

So. How do you get a long worm in your brain?

The medics are unsure. Maybe the man ate or drank something.

Or maybe travel doesn’t so much broaden the mind as see it eaten.

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