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Cambridge University’s Best Bums Contest Is Almost As Fun For Students As Page 3

by | 26th, November 2014

katie-sidney-sussex cambridge bum   Cambridge University The Tab’s Best Bums contest is attracting admiring glances. James Dellingpole is well impressed:

I believe that news features like this, run in Britain’s most popular online student newspaper The Tab, may be all that stands between today’s student generation and the eradication of the Western intellectual tradition by the kill-joy forces of cultural Marxism. Already, I’ve no doubt, bitter groupuscules of angry, left-wing inadequates with unformed frontal lobes are preparing their hashtag campaigns against Tab features like this one, presumably on the grounds that they are degrading and demeaning or some such nonsense. But so long as there are Cambridge undergraduates prepared to throw caution and political correctness to the wind by baring their buttocks in this way, and so long as there is a ready market of Tab readers who think that this photo feature is a great idea and that there should be more please, this time involving photos from Oxford so we can see how the Dark Blue arses compare, then there remains hope for Western civilisation yet.

These students are not conforming. The trend on campus is to shut down debate, settle a view and tell anyone with contracy position ‘You can’t say that’.   Charlotte Ivers explains why she bared her buttocks:


Screen shot 2014-11-26 at 21.19.39


She made a choice.

This about taking ownership back of our bodies – back from the companies that use women’s bodies to sell to us, back from the men who yell at us on the street to tell us that they own us. It is about taking ownership over our right to be amusing, bold, daring and brave. It is also about taking photos of your bum in funny places. Because bums are funny. I thought I would be nervous before the article came out. I wasn’t. Because this is what I do. This is what I do every time I write something and put it out for public consumption. I expose my experiences, my opinions, parts of myself that mean so much more to me than my bum ever could.

Are boobs funny? Are Page 3 Girls, routinely billed as victims, funny and an expression? They – the people behind this petition – want it banned:

The death of sexism is a battle not yet won in this country, and the proliferation of this image of women and girls within our mainstream press is perpetuating and fueling it by, at best; encouraging and endorsing negative attitudes towards us and within us and, at worst; acts of violence committed against us. All of which grossly limit our choices, stall our progress and violate our human rights. We demand that the government addresses the subject of Page 3 today, and by doing so demonstrates to society that it is serious about stamping out sexism once and for all. We cannot waste any more time and we will not wait any longer. The government either values and respects the female half of humanity or it doesn’t, and the removal of Page 3 would be a momentous step in the right direction in proving to society that is does. Together we must work to eradicate all forms of sexism in order for women to become politically, socially, economically and personally equal to men. We cannot be a progressive and prosperous society otherwise. Turn Your Back On Page 3. DEMAND a socially responsible media. DEMAND EQUALITY.

I’d rather demand freedom.

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