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Liverpool Balls: The Reds Are Actually Above Manchester United And Arsenal

by | 27th, November 2014

Liverpool FC’s local newspaper the Liverpool Echo speaks truth to power with the story that the club are doing great.

Liverpool FC may be struggling – but the stats show Arsenal and Manchester United are faring worse!

This is the current Premier League table.


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It will be interesting to see how the Liverpool Echo looks at that table and concludes that Liverpool are above Manchester United and Arsenal.

Liverpool FC may be having a difficult season so far, but Manchester United and Arsenal are doing worse, statistics suggest.


The Trinity Mirror Data Unit have taken each Premier League side’s average points after 12 games (11 in the case of Aston Villa) over the last five seasons, and compared it to this season’s points tally.

This is great.

Over the last five seasons Liverpool have averaged 19 points after 12 games. However, with 14 points on the board this season, Brendan Rodgers finds his side five points adrift of where they would expect to be at this stage.

But that’s better than both Manchester United and Arsenal.

Both sides are six points adrift from their five year averages of 25 and 23 points respectively.

That’s the kind of utter balls that Big Data fearlessly reports. Liverpool were not as good as Arsenal and Manchester United and are STILL not as good as Arsenal and Liverpool, but because the injury-ravaged Gunners and Red Devils are underperforming that gap has narrowed.

Who says Journalism is dead?

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