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Spurs Pitch Invaders: Funny or nah?

by | 29th, November 2014

IT has been revealed that the three people who disrupted Tottenham Hotspurs’ Europa League match with Partizan Belgrade were internet japesters who are well known for their pranks.

The three are part of a gaggle of gagsters called TrollStation, who in the past, have faked kidnappings and turned Tube trains into ad-hoc stripclubs. Imagine Jackass, without the Skateboards and you’re halfway there.

Alas, the three men are still in police custody after being arrested following their on-pitch antics.

Here’s some footage.

As you can see, some of the invasions were for a decent amount of time, as the blokes had time to take some selfies while darting around the players.

Each of the jokers wore shirts that said BassBuds on them, which is the company that make Spurs branded headphones. They weren’t impressed, saying: “We are appalled that the game was interrupted in this manner. We do not condone the interruption of any sporting fixture in this way.” Spurs were less impressed and cut all ties with BassBuds.

Here’s some more footage.

TrollStation themselves managed to upload a video of their antics (which you can see below), where the invaders state: “Today we’re going to see who lasts longer on the pitch.”

It seems, despite the arrests, they’re planning another gag too, with a tweet suggesting: “The questions is Emirates Stadium or Stamford Bridge?”

Thing is, while it is annoying that a football match should be broken up and disjointed in this way, surely the staid, rarified air of professional football should be broken up now and then with… well… some piss-taking.

No-one was hurt (apart from BassBuds accountancy sheets) and Spurs won the match? Surely we should all just laugh at this and the lads who got on the pitch should get nothing more than a fine?

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